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Surgery Scheduled


I talked myself out of it, but the neurosurgeon took the time to call me and explain again how bad the spinal cord compression is. Surgery is scheduled for the 18th. I'm glad it's coming quickly, so I have less time to think about it. The worst part is forcing my darling sister into hosting Thanksgiving for us. It's just one night in the hospital, and I'll have to wear a hard neck brace for a few days, so no driving. I have lots of homemade meals in the freezer, but my daughter created a "meal train" for me on Facebook, so I will have little to do but watch old movies.

I'm going to ask for a zipper, so I can check things out in there periodically. I can be called "Zipper Neck," as in Young Frankenstein.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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My prayers are with you. God bless!

greaterexp in reply to JSSimp

Thank you so much!

JSSimp in reply to greaterexp

You’re so welcome!

You have my prayers. Old movies are good

greaterexp in reply to Turtlepie

Thank you! We have lots of DVDs and Amazon Prime!

Have faith, it will all go well and then no more pain and discomfort 🙏

greaterexp in reply to jimeka

I'm not worried for just that reason. Thank you for the prayers!

greaterexp . I agree totally with let’s get it done so I don’t have to sit around dreading it. My second surgery the dr said I could go straight to the hospital and check in and do the procedure in 2 days or go home and do it maybe in 2 weeks. So I went straight to the hospital. My first procedure I waited 2 months and I was about ready for the funny farm🤣😀😀.

I wish you the very best on your surgery and I’ll be praying for a painless and quick recovery 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

God bless my dear friend.


greaterexp in reply to Doubled51

Thank you, Donnie! I hope you are getting around better again! How is the walking going?

Doubled51 in reply to greaterexp

It’a getting better all the time Erin. If I can cut the falls out I’ll be good. Everytime I think I’m doing really good I’ll fall and set myself back aways. Then I have to make that ground up again. I don’t think they understand that people with ms don’t need a reason to fall. It just happens.😀😃.


greaterexp in reply to Doubled51

Please be careful!

Doubled51 in reply to greaterexp

I’m trying Erin. I’m trying.


greaterexp in reply to Doubled51

Let's have your grandkids surround you whenever you try to walk. Isn't that what they are there for?

Doubled51 in reply to greaterexp

I’m afraid they would trip me and run laughing.😅😂😃😇. Just kidding. Haha


You’ll do great

Sending 😉🙏

greaterexp in reply to erash

Thank you for the encouragement!

Good luck and blessings and prayers 🙏 being sent your way.

greaterexp in reply to mrsmike

Thank you!


Good decision 👍

I wish you luck and prayers 🙏.

They had me wear the neck brace for three months....

The scar is not bad, still thinking 🤔 of getting a zipper tattoo over it!

greaterexp in reply to Hidden

Ha! Thank you!

Good luck on your surgery! Keep us updated when you can!

greaterexp in reply to bxrmom

I'll do that!

Aww, I’m glad you changed your mind, and you have a sweet family to help you! 🙏🥰

greaterexp in reply to kdali

They're incredible! My daughter is heartbroken that she can't be here to help, but she organized a "meal train" for me. How thoughtful!

kdali in reply to greaterexp

It’s so sweet!! 🥰

so glad it is going to happen quickly like you said so no worry it is to be done ....prayers for the fast recovery glad sister will do the turkey day for ya all ...enjoy all of the old movies you get to watch....enjoy them ...enjoy and happiness..

Thank for your sweet words and prayers!

You've got my prayers too.

I'm so grateful!

I hope and pray it all works out best for you and that you heal up quickly.

greaterexp in reply to Peruzzot

Thank you. I think it will go well.

Good luck and enjoy thanksgiving

greaterexp in reply to Tazmanian

It will feel weird to just bake pies this year, but I’ll enjoy it! Pumpkin, pecan, and coconut cream

The Lord be with you and sending my prayers 🙏🙏. Stay strong and think positive and everything will be fine 👍 Good decision 😉🤗🤗Ken 🐾🐾😊

greaterexp in reply to Kenu

Thank you, Ken. God has this!

Prayers for a productive surgery and peaceful recovery 🧡

greaterexp in reply to tiffortat

Thank you for your prayers!

Hold it - hosting Thanksgiving!? ...After surgery no less. Have you given thought to the pandemic? (This is coming from a caring place, and not wanting to lose your reassuring posts on this blog!)

greaterexp in reply to HensTooth

It would be only with very limited family who sequester themselves and have practically no contact with others. My brother-in-law is 82 with heart issues, so we don’t want to endanger him. I very much appreciate your kind words and concern.

HensTooth in reply to greaterexp

I’m relieved. :-) Glad you’re staying safe.

The end result will be good! Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Thank you!

You'll do great and feel better! Blessings to you.

greaterexp in reply to Humbrd

Thank you. The neurosurgeon has a great reputation.

Love and prayers , and Angels to watch over you! Linda

greaterexp in reply to leking1

Bless you for those prayers!

leking1 in reply to greaterexp

You are going to be just fine, for God is with you!

you are so strong and brave!so glad for your health,prayers and prayers.

greaterexp in reply to pamgarner

Thank you, dear. The bravery part is rather slim on my part, but the neurosurgeon made it clear that I have little choice if I'd like to function in the future.

Definitely good it’s soon. Sorry you have to go through it. Sending healing hugs and wellness vibes💜❤️💜❤️Happy to hear you have the support to help you through!

Thank you! I have wonderful family and friends. What blessings!

You've got my prayers

Do not help with the clean up. :)

After the surgery or Thanksgiving? 😁

You can drag it out for a very long time until they catch you doing back flips :D

I thought you meant not to clean up the surgery suite.

I plan to milk this for a good 20 years.

I just now caught that!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Offer to help beforehand so they'll do a good job.


Will the in my thoughts and prayer. Too a healthy, speedy recovery.

greaterexp in reply to Smithnova

Thank you so much!


A zipper in your neck, greaterexp ? I would be afraid that what little brain that I have left, would fall out! :-D

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, my friend!

Keep Smiling :-D

Thank you so much. I guess I'll skip the zipper; they'd probably charge extra, anyway.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to greaterexp

Perhaps Velcro? :-D

Great idea! You're a genius!

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to greaterexp

And you are brave, greaterexp and have more brains than I ~ currently :-D

I wonder if my brains slipped down and caused the compression? That would explain a lot!

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to greaterexp

And with a way out with this zipper/Velcro ~ woohoo, watch out! :-D

Good luck honey, I’m sure you will be fine and feeling better soon xxxxx enjoy the old movies xxxxx ❤️

Prayers for you & surgeons & care team.if your doc thought serious enough and called you,good decision.

I can tell you are strong lady and will do well.

All will be praying for you.

greaterexp in reply to Brindisi1

I sure appreciate the prayers! Thank you!

Glad it will be done by the end of this year so you can start the new one out fresh. I will mark that date on my calendar and will also be praying.

So true. I agree! Thank you for those prayers.

you have my thoughts, prayers and admiration for this

greaterexp in reply to eharoot

I hope I live up to those expectations and not turn into a whiner! Thank you for your prayers.

I admire your attitude. Prayers be with you🙏

greaterexp in reply to 4432

I so appreciate those prayers! Thank you!

my second cousin just had that surgery last week. he came through it with flying colors. His mother was my cousin who died of MS. He thinks he has MS but refuses to seek medical help due to his mother's experience. But the surgery was a great success and he is home and walking. May God watch over you, and the peace of Jesus be with you every minute.

Thank you, dear. I know I'm in His hands. I'm sorry to hear about your second cousin's decision not to see if he has MS so he can get treatment. But I can understand his fears.

Lots of prayers for great surgical success and healing.

I so appreciate that.


Prayers and many Blessings coming your way.

Thank you so much!

Erin, God guide yoursurgeon’s hands. Be well and safe and remember how much we all love you. Let us know how well you do. Love you so much my dear friend, Kelly xxx

greaterexp in reply to Amore55

Thank you, sweet friend!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers !! Remember we are all Warriors here! ♥️

greaterexp in reply to BigMar7

Thank you for the reminders!

The anticipation, and having to (you know you don't) answer every commenter, is the worst. Doing it, you'll be in deep sleep. Just remember to dream sweet things, not reliving going through the initial part of the major tsunami that hit Thailand back in 2004, like in the movie The Impossible, when the doctor having barely survived it, goes in for surgery.

Hopefully this post will get old enough and you can move on. Yes best wishes for a good surgery and good recovery. Just fast forward through the recovery part to the back on the beach in the future. No, make it some tiny remote lake in the mountains. No tsunami's there.


🙏 for a speedy recovery

greaterexp in reply to Allen5280

Thank you, Allen. How are you?

Allen5280 in reply to greaterexp

Ehhh, im here still. Started the annual battle with the holiday blues. Our crazy weather pattern changes are a nightmare all in their own. To much to quick and i cant adapt. Seem to have fallen back into strange sleep patterns (or lack of a pattern is more like it ) It will be ok though, I think. Ots getting closer to me starting with my new MS doctor so im a bit hopeful on that. Only time will tell.

Hope that your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Think good thoughts.

greaterexp in reply to Buddy2009

Thank you !


From the team at MSAA, wishing you best of luck!

- John, MSAA

greaterexp in reply to johnMSAA

Thank you!

Good luck and get better fast

Thank you!

My thoughts and prayers goes out to you! You got this. Diane

Thank you! The surgeon has a great track record, which is very reassuring.

Praying for everything to go well and skilled hands for your surgeon!

greaterexp in reply to Tulip77

Thank you! I’m feeling good about it. I’ll still be glad to have it over with..

Tulip77 in reply to greaterexp

The anticipation is usually the worst

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