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MRI yesterday 25 Jan 2020


WOW that went well, even the young lady putting in the ports for the contrast was gentle. Admittedly I did tell her that I am a total crybaby when it comes to needles, so she was forewarned and very gentle. We actually went don from a 21 guage to a 23 gauge so that worked out well. The chap running the MRI was quick and very thorough. Talked all the way through and told me what was going on. The Valium calmed me and stopped any fidgeting which is what I wanted it to do.

The staff were very kind and considerate. Goes to show that if "YOU" dispel any assumptions, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Things that need to be done in our life journey with ms do not always have to be scary.

Learn your illness and what to expect. Workaround things that have to be done and keep yourself strong.

Results Monday or Tuesday I anticipate some changes, my face has been misbehaving, so I am prepared

Royce (the ms writer)

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yes it does help to let others know what it is that scares you and like a have a very small level for pain so for them to be nice no matter what they are doing does help for the doctor to know to for they know who is someone that can be more gentle than some others and who does a better job at the mri's is great for them just as much for us ...thank you for posting this for many just say i am a big baby and i say yep ha not all of us have tough skin and happiness in your journey for helping others we do appreciate it ....

Here’s to getting good results next week

Congrats on the mri going smoothly

honestly, whatever it says is okay by me

it is great when you have a good team to do an mri to start with!

yes make them aware of my concerns and they work with me

I hope you get good news!

so do I thanks

I hope for great results for you Royce!

I have had both good and bad technicians the good ones make it sooo much easier!

so very true, the good ones make most things better make an ms life that little bit more bearable

So glad it's over and went well!

I've been lucky with all my MRIs. I've always had really good techs that act like they are very concerned. I've never had any anxiety with having an MRI or the contrast. I learned how to focus in a birthing class 46 years ago. It works for more than just labor pains!

not something I would have ever learned but a good skill to have

It's very simple. To start pick a spot in a room & focus on it blocking out all sounds in the room & taking slow deep breaths in through your nose of possible & letting your breath out slow through your mouth. Once you master that then you can practice it with your eyes closed & thinking of an object to focus on blocking all sounds in the room using the same breathing techniques. These techniques help to block out fear & pain in any situation.

I am happy that your mri went well, Royce Keep Smiling :-D

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