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You have relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Yes. it is true that is your diagnosis and the reason for all those strange things happening in your body.

Right now this is a very short immediate action drill for “YOU” There is more to it but these are your first steps. I may be blunt but only fore the sack of brevity.

Stop crying for a moment. This is a very manageable illness, “YOU” just have to stop a moment and start giving yourself the tools that “YOU” will need for this ms Life.

Easy first one. Stop using big words. RRms is much easier to say than Relapsing Remitting multiple sclerosis. Stop capitalizing ms, take away its power just ms is fine. Disease Modifying Therapy is dmt’s you get the picture. Make a small deal out of every big deal that “YOU” can.

Go online and search every dmt that “YOU” can, make a chart and decide which one is best for “YOU and that “YOU” will actually take. Do NOT be afraid they have to say all the scary things, that is a legal issue and may very well not happen to “YOU”.

Now “YOU” have your first and second choice, get them and start taking them.

Wow “You” can cry more now if “YOU” like. It is normal and will happen again over the years at random times for no good reason.

“YOU” my friend are now on the journey that is your ms Life. It is long sometimes very scary but never beyond your ability to handle. There is no cure so just be careful when somebody says they have a cure. If they can not tell what causes it, how can they possibly fix it?


This is doable and you can do it rest assured, YOU can.

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Thank you


my pleasure, always


Yes, it is doable. Thank you for this sage advice, Royce. :-D


me, sage advice the cheque (check) is in the mail :-)

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