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Wish for 2019


1 Jan 2019, I accept that I have Relapsing-Remitting multiple sclerosis (RRms) I accept all the challenges that may or may "NOT." entail, I accept that I am disabled and will be until I go in the ground.

These are things that I accept, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my days. I am under no circumstances happy about it, but I do my very best always to remember I have this condition, but this day, this year this lifetime I may accept this condition, but under no circumstances, will I totally surrender myself to it. I will "NOT" accept that I can not do something. I "WILL" now and always work towards finding a way that allows me to achieve what I want to achieve. Within me is a spark, a fire a burning furnace that says "YES I CAN, and YES I WILL".

2019 will be a good year, a year in which I "CAN". 2019 I look forward to you, because I am "ME" and I believe in myself, ms you have met your match this year. Do not be afraid, just know that this fire burns within us all. Stoke it a little and have a truly bonza (great)year.

Always my warmest wishes to YOU and yours.


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YOU indeed have a great attitude and my hope is that with your wonderful, thoughtful, and eloquent posts, that some of your wisdom, enthusiasm, and candor takes a hold in me.

YOU who should be unrestricted in everything that YOU can achieve, in spite of 'ms'

Happy Healthly Prosperous Glorious 2019

Carole :-D

The sky is the limit, or is it?

It is an attitude that we can and all should follow

I love your attitude Royce, keep it, don’t let go of it. All the best for 2019, blessings Jimeka 🦋

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To you as well.

stay positive

always do, you do the same

Here’s to the start of a great year. Thank you, Royce, for all your encouragement and perspective.

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Do my best, glad ot might be useful to somebody

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