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For some it is 2019 now, for some give it a few hours Either way, I have talked o YOU over the last few months and given YOU a lot of food for thought. Certainly I, am not an expert and what I have said is not 100 Percent inconclusive and a total solution for our condition.

What you should have is a guide as to what YOU can do and what YOU should perhaps do. YOU have a guide, expand on it, adjust it to suit YOU, yours and your goals.

We all walk along this path at our own pace. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes we just stop and rest for a while. Or stop altogether and decide where we are is where we are happy and comfortable to be. It is your choice, there is no finish line that you have to cross. There is no ticker tap or banners at some perceived finish line. You and only you decide where to stop and when you must carry on. All that I or anyone can do is wish that you find comfort with your decision.

For me, it is never the finish line it is how I run my race and I am comfortable with that. You like me have some form of Multiple Sclerosis (ms) Accept that, be comfortable with that and do your best to make December 31, 2019, a year of which you can be proud to have lived.

To everybody, a very uneventful but comfortable 2019


I am hoping for no more grey hairs.

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Thank you for your words from one that has lived with MS for a long while.

Maybe it will help those newly diagnosed see that, as you have said, this is a “doable” condition/disease.

Happy New Year RoyceNewton ! 🎉🥳🥴😴

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RoyceNewton in reply to Morllyn

That is the plan :-)

Royce I pray you have a very good 2019 & I know of only 1(one) way to stop grey hairs oops no 2 (two). Dye them , multiple choice in colors or pull them out as soon as you see them. I DO NOT recommend that way as it hurts!! & we have enough pain!! Mary

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RoyceNewton in reply to kycmary

ha ha shave my head and shave my face more often is my solution

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kycmary in reply to RoyceNewton


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