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I can not think of a way that I can say this gently, so everybody gets this bluntly, This is a progressive illness. Everybody is supposed to get worse, some faster than others, some, the lucky ones, slower. I have never found out why this is, and I certainly have asked many people and often. Must really annoy Neurologists (Neuros), but they are paid the big money and I am paying so they get asked. I think that is only fair.

We all can do everything right, not quite sure what right is, and we still get worse, at least not better. This is the nature of our condition. Sad but true, we are not going to get better, "YET".

Our job, and yes it is a job, is to keep us as good as we can, so that day when there is a really good treatment available. We qualify to receive it. That is why "YOU" take your Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) like clockwork. If it is to hard to take "YOU" tighten your bootstraps accept your fears and change. She\he who is the fittest at the best treatment arrival date wins, "YOU"do want to win don't "YOU"

Until that time, accept that this is a progressive disease and it is progressing, no matter what we do, or take. Just never stop taking your DMT and doing what needs to be done to get to that finish line, and do not despair remember it is progressive. Nobody knows exactly why it starts and nobody knows how to stop it 100%. Accept this and your heart will be lighter and "YOU" may even find coping a little easier


one day at a time until....

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Well said and thank you Royce!

my pleasure

lbenmaor in reply to Juliew19673

II agree. Perfectly said.


RoyceNewton in reply to lbenmaor

thank you

Needed that .. thank you

RoyceNewton in reply to Mssusan

no problem glad it helped some

RoyceNewton - Data available out there clearly says that you're right. I can't help it but stay in denial about the progression. MS has impacted my body, just a bit. It has not changed my life (yet). So I'll stick with the hope that this is as far as the disease will go for me. And my mission is to keep it that way every single day.

Someday in the future, I will most likely be proven wrong. But hope is very powerful for the time being.

Oh I m so sorry. Being in denial and not going onto a DMT will hurt you. Actually, it is hurting you now, you just do not realize it yet. Denial is truly not your friend.

Don't get me wrong. I am on DMT. But I'll stick with the hope that it won't progress further (for now, for a while).

all that we can wish for, for, anyway I think I did get you wrong, sorry

No worries. I just wanted to clarify for everybody that I would not hope for no progression by not doing anything. Quite the opposite, I personally do everything I can - DMT, exercise, diet,... - and hoping that, yes, there will not be any progression.

excellent, wish there were many more with that philosophy, great work

Well said!! RoyceNewton


RoyceNewton in reply to kycmary

thank you, Royce is fine.

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