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2nd half done!!

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Got the 2nd half today I did remind her of the itchy throat last time & she put extra steroid to start. I had NO problems at all it went just fine I'm done until June 4, 2019. Over all I think I feel better. I know I can chose to feel better then I do most of the time.

Hope every one else is doing good too. I'm going to lay down for awhile. Mary

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Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you!

Yayyy! You deserve a nap. 😊❤🌷

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kycmary in reply to RoseySawyer

I laid down but never went to sleep. We had high winds & lost our power just before 8pm it finally came on at 11:25 last night.

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RoseySawyer in reply to kycmary

Which state you live in?

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kycmary in reply to RoseySawyer

Northern Kentucky we are approx. (11 miles as the crow flies) south of Cincinnati Oh

Ya Who 👍 Glad things went well and you are feeling better 🙏. Hope it continues 👍🙏😊. Ken 🐾

So pleased that it all went well. Now you can look forward to positive results, blessings Jimeka ⛷

Glad the infusion went well and hope u continue to feel better 🌈

Kenu, Jimeka & erash I am feeling better but since I got up at 6am yesterday I have not been asleep & it's 5:55 am I laid down and rested but sleep was not there lol I go in to see my Neuro @ 10:30 this morning.

So glad it was non-eventful don't think about it for 6 months,yeah! hope you see improvement,yes nothing worse than power outage,how much we count on that lightswitch and tv!glad you are back on...

yeah it helped to manage not sleeping.

I never sleep the night I get my Ocrevus infusion. I think it’s the steroids. After the first night I sleep fine

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kycmary in reply to DIsneyQueen

That's what my neuro said probably the steroids, I figure I will sleep good tonight

Hooray!! I’m excited to hear how you feel in a few months 🎉

I had to see my Neuro today & she seems well pleased as how I'm doing & so am I. my MRI was good & NO!! changes in it seems I am stable right now. This is the second time I've seen her bbl

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