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Has anyone used a product called Quell?


I was wondering if any of you wonderful people have heard of or used Quell? It is a tens type unit that seems simple, no outlying electrodes, just goes around your calf. You adjust the relief. It is supposed to release naturally occurring opioids from your brain, providing all over pain relief. It is pricey. Please let me know, very interested. Love, Kelly

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I haven’t, but I hope you’re doing well, and that the pain isn’t too bad.

I've not heard of that one. Be sure to read the return policy in case it doesn't work for you.

I just googled it. It looks ok, non invasive and if it works, but I couldn’t find out the cost. Let us know if you get one and if it works, I may give it whirl, Blessings Jimeka 🎄

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jimeka there appear to be three different choices. The top of the line one is around $290. Like I said, pretty pricey. It says it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, but I am always skeptical about those! Will do more digging. I just want to get off pain pills. Looking for an alternative. Oh, another downside to this is that you have to buy replacement electro pads which run about $30 per month. Merry, merry! Love, Kelly xx

It seems similar to the Cefaly that I use for migraines. When not in use, I keep the sticky pad applied to a mirror or glass. It lasts much longer than they say.

I looked it up and on Amazon, it has quite a few bad reviews. The biggest complaints are that the sticky pads don't last nearly as long as they are supposed to (they also rip and tear) Most people are only getting 3-5 days per pad instead of the 2 weeks you are supposed to get. Another issue is the band that goes around your leg begins to look ratty and stretches out within about 1 week. Another issue that everyone complained about, even the ones that liked it, is that the customer service sucks. Their reps have a tendency to be rude and uncaring once you have bought your machine.

I also checked other sites and they had the same issues. Most people said that the units work, at least a little, but it will cost way more than $30 in pads per month. One reviewer found a workaround but it sounded like a pain. I was unable to find anyone who found a workaround for the band. The company charges $30 for replacement bands.

Many people complained of being charged a restocking fee when they returned the item for a refund. That seemed to be determined more by who you bought it through and where you are in the country and the rep who processes your return. I think it should be consistent across the board.

One thing I found interesting is that no matter what review site I used, anyone who dealt with their customer service seemed to pretty much have the same issue. The reps were rude and uncaring.

The people who seemed to have the best luck with electrodes lasting and the band doing minimal stretching were those who used it no more than 2 hours a day.

If it were me I would hold off, especially since it is not covered by insurance and would be completely out of pocket.

This product sounds like a wonderful idea but the company does not seem to execute it very well. I worry when I see a product that has some many 1-3 star reviews. The rating on Amazon is 3.5 stars. I would buy a regular tens unit before I bought a Quell, but that is just me

This is just my 2-cents worth.

Good luck with your decision.


Sorry I never heard of it.

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