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Curious what all of you do when you cannot sleep


So, here it is, 3 am, another night when pain awakens me, with no relief in sight ( or sleep). I was wondering what do all of you do on these kinds of nights? I am usually too tired to do anything constructive, but feel bored. I also hurt, of course. Any suggestions welcome. Maybe others can benefit from your experience also. Thanks! Much love to all, Kelly xx

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You can always FaceTime me 😊

I watch tv read email and facebook, internet

I am so sorry for your pain and lack of sleep. I usually get out of bed pick out a movie usually a drama and one I have seen before and get comfortable on the couch and most times I am asleep soon after it starts. I hope that you can get some relief you will be in my prayers

I try to read, if I am hurting to bad to clean. (Not that I like to clean) If I cannot read, due to inability to concentrate, I play solitaire on my tablet.

Sorry, I know that it is hard when you hurt, need to sleep, but cannot due to the pain.❤️🤗

Redhead4377 in reply to Morllyn

I have a “love/hate” affair going on with solitaire right now——


Morllyn in reply to Redhead4377

I know what you mean!😝

You aren't alone.

Usually start coffee pot and read or watch tv....

Take some Tylenol.

Motrin helps me more with the back pain.

God bless🙏


Thanks Lisa

I will have to try it

I used to take Ibuprofen, but after surgery

Doctor said Tylenol is a better choice for me

Something about the healing process

Take care

God bless

How are you doing?

It is “some” better

But not much

Still trouble walking, fine motor skills and numbness

Surgeon said it might take a year



Thanks again

Trying to stay positive


God bless🙏


Like Turtlepie, I'm also sorry for your pain. Like most or all of us, I'm familiar with it as well. When it wakes me in the night, I have learned that if I stay in bed and try to ignore it and return to sleep, I will lie awake for hours with no relief. What helps me most, is to get up and get my brain distracted. After an hour or so of playing solitaire, working an online jigsaw puzzle, or reading non fiction, i will become very sleepy, return to bed and sleep until morning light wakes me.

I don’t turn on tv as it will keep me up longer. I usually read or internet to take my mind off it. If you’re like many of us you are just as tired the next day with a good night sleep 😴. Lots of time I will do a long prayer and asleep 💤 before I know it. Of course with my after effects of cancer if I sleep three hours at a time is a blessing. Not much help but prayers are with you 🙏🙏 Ken 🐾🐾

Hi Ken😊

Yes , prayer does help but I'm still awake.😞 I'm sorry to hear you only get 3 hrs @ a time. Makes me grateful for 4-6 hrs of sleep.🙏

What type of cancer did you have, if you mind I ask?

God bless🙏


First time 26 years ago was lung cancer ♋️ This time stage 4 throat cancer. That’s what causes the sleep problems. 🐾🐾😊 Ken

Lung cancer is why I quit smoking. 🚬

Plus my papi died of throat ♋

I have COPD , therefore I can only eat the edibles.

God bless 🙏


Was never a smoker, that’s why I thought it was crazy. But found out there’s getting to be more cases of it with non smokers. Processed food is a big concern and additives in most food. Unfortunately 😣

I also heard that processed food could possibly be a contributing factor in MS 😞

Crazy huh??


I used to read during sleepless times. Sometimes, the simple act of reading would make me a bit sleepy. Now, I tend to watch an old movie (nothing too exciting) or just get up and do some sewing. It tends to help me if I take the stress out of not sleeping by reminding myself that it doesn't matter if I'm up for a while or even all night.

I hope you get some sleep, dear.

When I have a sleepless night, for what ever reason, I will get up, and re do my night time routine ~ brush my teeth, wash my face, and sometimes change my pj. When that doesn't work, I get up, and do something else, like sew, read, or watch tv. It's so frustrating when I am tired but cannot fall asleep! :-D

Hi carolek572😊

I wish I could do my night time routine again, when I get up.... Doing it before bed hurts my back enough.

I can't sew( my hands shake )

God bless🙏


Have you tried a warm compress? That helps me when my lower back is sore. Have you talked with your health care professional about this? Keep Smiling, my friend :-D

Yes, to both but no luck. 😞

Oh well , gotta keep moving & stay positive💓

God bless you and keep 😊😊


Hi Kelly😊

Well , I've been up since 2am.... I don't watch anything I'm interested in on tv because I always think I'm going back to sleep. Now it's 10am & I'm still up. I've always had difficulty sleeping due to pain , though not only MS related but post spinal fusion. No more pain pills(witch is the Only thing that works) unless you have cancer or dying,here in OH.

Therefore, I wish I had some medical marijuana gummies , chocolate , tincture ect.

I'm not going to get some until wed.

This always helps my pains.

God bless 🙏


When I can't sleep, I will usually listen to podbean (an app for pod casts) and usually fall asleep soon after one starts. There are so many to choose from.

stare at the ceiling and turn the air wayy down

Hi RoyceNewton😊

I often stare @ the ceiling when I can't sleep😞 , because I can't concentrate on anything when I'm up all 🌙

God bless🙏


I take more Ambien CR. Then get mad at myself when I run out and just pray hard for the next refill date to get here and start all over again.

Walking on the treadmill or some sort of exercise during the day helps sleep come easier. But muscle spasms don't seem to care about any of that so not sure what to tell u

I am so sorry u r going thru this

I take 1-2 mg of Melatonin. It usually helps with pain.

Hi IFwczs😊

I take 10 mg of melanin but no effect .


I go through a lot of insomnia, too. It's so frustrating! I generally get up and read, or do some light housework. Some nights I don't sleep until the wee hours of the next morning, but I try to stay calm and just pray through it and not let it stress me out.

Hang in there friend; you are not alone.

A lot of times I would have eye pain with the insomnia, so keeping my eyes closed would limit me to an audiobook and hot cup of tea. I change locations when I can’t sleep. Sometimes I’ll watch some YouTube videos, but that’s after I’ve given up and it’s suppose to be bad for sleeping, but half of the time it works. Nothing heavy, I’ll find an eating challenge or something equally absurd. I don’t eat at night.

I just consider it Morning, get up and start my day! If I need a nap later, I'll take one. Much more restful than TRYING to go back to sleep and not being able to!

Redhead4377 in reply to leking1

Good Morning leking 1----

I agree with your comment!

I start the coffee pot and wait for the sunrise!

Have a great day!

leking1 in reply to Redhead4377

I start everyday out on my deck, weather permitting,

with my cup of coffee, and Thanking God for another Day! I can see the stars, sometimes the moon, the dogs love their picnic breakfast out there. A quiet, peaceful start to the day. You have a wonderful day, too!

I'm starting to do that now!!


Hi leking1😊

Good idea! I'm starting to do that now!

God bless🙏

❤Lisa 💕

Have a Blessed day, whenever it starts!

Thank you😊

Well I actually slept until 6 am, so I'm on the balcony , having a cup of coffee , here in OH


That's great! Enjoy~

I get free books from iReaderIQDaily for my iPad. I get to choose from 5 books. Sometimes 1, sometimes 3, seldom don’t like all 5. My iPad allows me to enlarge the print because my left eye tires easily and gets blurry. Not the greatest books but they are free. They are usually boring enough enough to help me fall asleep. Occasionally one is do exciting (I like detective novels) I stay awake all night reading anyway! Or if not in the mood to read I will play simple games like solitaire of hex FRVR. Can’t do mental ability requiring games at night. I don’t work anymore so when I can’t sleep at night I sleep from 7 am to 1 pm. Used to be a serious problem when I had to work every day. Was on high dosage sleeping pills for years. Doc said my internal clock was messed up. You think?

I agree that stressing out about going to sleep is pointless (IF you’re no longer working, like me). Here it is 3:23AM and I am not sleeping... so I came on here to see what’s going on.

Usually if I really want to sleep I’ll turn on YouTube and watch/listen to Alan Watts or Eckhart Tolle... these gentlemen’s voices somehow lull me into deep sleep! ..It’s lovely.

Otherwise I’ll do what others have said and try not to force it. I can take a nap the next day... No point in punishing myself for something I cannot control.

Good morning Amore55—

Hope you got some good sleep 😴 last night.

I can’t help now when I wake up thru the night and now early in the morning....

I think of your post and everyone that also commented——

I am not the only one awake!

Lol 😆

Have a great day.

(naps are good)

I will keep a dull book by my bed. Fortunately my husband doesn't wake up when I turn the light on.

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