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I did the first half today!

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Did the first half today. Had a small reaction scalp got itchy up both sides of the back of my head & my tongue got itchy. Sam said I might get an itch in my throat that I couldn't scratch! yep but was my tongue, she gave another antihistamine then we went on & finished up. I get the other half on 12/27/18. I hope all goes as easy as today. Thank you for your prayers. Mary

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Pleased it went well, rest up and don’t overdo it, Blessings Jimeka 🎄

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I already had a nap & hubby is watching like a hawk! I told him I promised to be good, sides it's too cold too paint the trim on the front porch. lolol

That must be a great relief! I’m so happy for you and wish you the best with results! Keep us updated please.

I also had a throat reaction, make sure you tell the nurse when you go for second treatment, that you had a reaction before you start, they gave me more steroids to start and it went very easy, I have 1st full one in jan, I will be telling them again,

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kycmary in reply to pamgarner

Thanks I will, can you tell if there is a difference in the way you feel now compared to before you had your infusion?

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pamgarner in reply to kycmary

not really,about the same, but my neuro told me how he measures success with any treatment is if there are no new lesions on MRI, but 5 to 10% of people had good success and walking unassisted when they needed help before.I have hope , he told me he has had patients with a lot of success good luck and keep smiling

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Thanks I will, I think I feel better & some times when I am feeling bad or down I just think that I am feeling better so I will.

Yayyy! I'm glad it went well. 😊❤🌷

Wishing u much 🌈. Glad went well 👍

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