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Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Jumpstart is here again. luvhair you may want to check it out


I did this in June and is nice

Register for a JUMPSTART® Program Near You

Find local resources, meet others living with MS in your community, and learn tips and strategies to help you thrive with MS!

Louisville, KY - December 15

Houston, TX - January 26

Chicago, IL - February 9

Dallas, TX - February 9

Long Beach, CA - March 2

Below is the link

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Hi rjoneslaw! I’ve wanted to go to one of the Can Do events but they always seem to emphasize people with MS AND their support partners. I live independently without any sort of support partner so have been hesitant. Since you went to one, what was it like? Would it be weird for someone to go solo?

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I'm currently living by myself as well and have the same question. My husband is living in Italy and probably won't come back here again until summer. He doesn't speak any English and probably wouldn't get anything out of it without me translating everything which would only stress me out and not enjoy the experience if I brought him.

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You can go alone. They serve you lunch so you don’t have worry about that

The event is designed to help you navigate the daily life dealing with MS.

There was a session where we did some simple exercises with physical therapist things you can do anywhere

There a session with a nutritionist which was informative

There group activities for the table

There were break out sessions for caregivers/ support the ones at my table didn’t go because the guy who was holding the session was boring during his presentation

While the caregiver was in session we would have a session. My table for some reason during the break out sessions seemed to just talk with each other and not do the sessions

I don’t know if it was intentional or not but we couldn’t get cell service where we were


Looks like they have these all over the country in addition to the "biggie" in Atlanta. That's great news!