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Just give it a little time

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users, here is a lesson for “YOU” Take it easy on yourself. It is never the end of the universe if something does not get done exactly on time. Perhaps missing your Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) but that is just naughty, not really the end of all that is. 24 hours late the kitchen was mopped and cleaned. Dishes were washed and put away and the house was sort of swept. I did clean the broom as well.

See no big deal. Things did not go exactly as planned, but things were eventually done. I made the bed as well.

Go “EAST” on yourself and those around “YOU” None of us makes our lives any easier by being pedantic about every detail in our lives. As I have said, develop habits, with everybody. That will make life so much easier for your entire family and close friends. If everybody knows that A + B = C and to get C the first two have to be done every time your life will eventually become easier.

When the washing needs to be done, the clothes need to be collected first, then put in the washer, Of course, “YOU” do see the point. Help teach your family this technique to make your life easier. Remember the aim is always to make your life easier. Very small things like this all add up during a day and “YOU” can rest easier knowing that “YOU DID” achieve. Just think how good “YOU” will feel after some time has passed and “YOU” can say to yourself, "I really am doing this, wonder what I can do next”?

Of course if “YOU” have to cancel something or put a plan off, that is okay. It is the nature of our tricksy, mischievous. it is not your fault. It just is, be gentle with yourself.

I think I should go and clean the bathroom, sort of. Take a deep breath and ease up. ms will not be cured in a day, "YOU" have a long journey ahead of "YOU" it is not a 100-metre sprint, more of a cross-country marathon.


either way, I never did like running.

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I like this post Royce, but when I press the like button, it comes up unlike, so apologies if it says unlike. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

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RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

no problem

I like it. I was never a runner either.😅😅😇


I could sprint but I was no Jamaican sprinter

I. It’s admit that I was neither.😅😂🤣😜


Beautifully said!


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RoyceNewton in reply to lbenmaor

Thank you

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lbenmaor in reply to RoyceNewton

You're Welcome!

Thank you very inciteful Mary

Pleasure always

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