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a really boring thing to have to do, keeping records


I am very aware that I should not find this task to be so boring, or that I should be so slack at it. Keeping some sort of records during your ms journey is very important. If "YOU" do not know, how are "YOU" ever to remember when you had.... or what occurred on ... date of ... year.

I had 3 laser surgeries on my face and I am flat out telling anybody what year it happened, let alone the date. I think it was in the 2000's, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

Luckily I have records. Just a note that says the date and what happened. Not a five-page report, only just a note to remind me. I can fill in the blanks if need be. Naturally, it has my own shorthand, why type left when I know that L means the same thing. At least I can look back at my medical past and maybe get it right.

"YOU" must start exercising. Not to run the Boston marathon or to become a SEAL team member. Exercise to keep your body parts moving. Eat healthily to stave off any ubad habits. The fact that "YOU" still look gorgeous at fifty in your short skirt or jeans is really just a bonus. If "YOU" are happy and comfortable with your appearance that is a bit of an ego boost, and with ms every ego boost that "YOU" can get is a very good thing. Not every smile has to be sexual harassment or any such rubbish. it can just be nice. There is really not enough being complimentary or politeness in the world these days. Just think how your significant other might feel when "YOU" give them a wink and a smile in the morning over breakfast. This does not cost "YOU" anything, but it might make there day.

We are disabled, there is no need to be inconsiderate and selfish as well. Besides somebody may be more willing to help "YOU" if they felt "YOU" gave as much as "YOU" took.

There are a lot of different things that "YOU" can do along your ms journey to keep active. I have a chin-up bar in the door. I walk out the door stop and do two or three chin-ups. I lay on the couch and do a situp or three during the ads. Keeping my core strong and a bit of movement is a good thing. Rest assured nobody would ever assume that I am working up a sweat. It just makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face. Every smile that I can get makes this illness a little more bearable. Lots of little things build up.

"YOU" are eating a little better. "YOU" move your body, at least all that will move. Perhaps now working on your mental fortitude and wellbeing is called for. This can be done in a number of ways. Off the top of my head, I come up with meditation, mindfulness, good music, pretty artwork even a nice sunset. I like to look at the stars and wonder. Not to find an answer or anything, just to wonder. Very handy being human, I can imagine. Imagine all sorts of things, lets me forget about this thing in my head and Central Nervous System (CNS). Any escape, no matter how short is always good. Find yours and just escape for a minute or two.


Escaping to somewhere nice, for a little while.

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Kegel exercises are easy while sitting or lying down and all of us should do them! 🤭😝😜 don’t forget to exercise those gluteus muscles, you can tighten and loosen those while sitting, watching TV, working on the computer or reading. 🤗 And who doesn’t want a tight bum! 😆

I forgot about kegels until I had a serious infection and was in the hospital for 3 weeks (some years ago). I was catheterized for 2 weeks and afterwards my pelvic floor muscles were weak and I had to be careful or I would leak urine. After starting back doing my kegels the leakage stopped.

I know these seem funny, or private things to talk about but, if not here, where!

in reply to Morllyn

exactly, if not here where. Why I talk so much about protective underwear.

That was a great read. Thank you, you always write something that is uplifting. Thanks again.

my pleasure, I hope it always helps

My Boss went on vaca this week and I have my MS file sitting at my desk. My intention with it was, to put it in order this week. It's every test/claim/info received since my DX in May this year. It's rather large and daunting to me. I will tackle this! Thanks Royce and stop reading my mind!

sorry it is just a habit I guess :-)

Very well stated. Don’t need to run a marathon, just do Something! No matter how little, it makes you feel better and it proves your not giving up. I do what I can and it makes me feel better.

Thank u for that good reminder. I cant walk on the treadmill and i feel like i am being punished and cant do a thing. But i can do other things!

always my dear, you just have to find them

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