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Unnumbered Post Your path 30 May 2021

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Family, good afternoon. "YOU" have ms, I have ms. We all have ms. I know of Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms), it is what I have and what I know a little about. It is the path I travel every day. I begrudgingly accept it. I take my Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT) accept that it is not a cure. Nothing is, there is no cure. What will happen will happen, I can try my best to slow it but stop it will not happen. Try as I might I can not change this and neither can "YOU"

I will walk my path, stop and cry when I need to and when I have cried enough, I will pull myself up and walk my path again, and so will "YOU". Stopping totally is only allowed when I pass, until then "YOU" and I must trudge ever onwards. If "YOU" can help somebody along for a step or two that is GREAT, that is purpose. If somebody helps "YOU", smile say thank you and move forward on your journey.

Never stop walking, learn and shine so others may follow. What has happened to us all is different. Look to other options, follow different paths. Take your DMT and be the best "YOU" that "YOU" can possibly be.

Royce (your ms writer and Brother)

onward, on and on and on. You can do this.

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I guess it could be worse

Yes, it could be, I am not sure how but it could be. The sun is shining it is already hot BUT I am still breathing. Yes, it could be worse.

For the first time in 16 years, I had to talk myself out of giving in to the beast. I sat down to write a text to my friend to tell her I wasn't going to be in Bible class but I will be at church. Halfway through the text, I said to myself "NO! YOU aren't going to give in to the beast. Get up & go!" So I did & I wasn't late! I had a good day all day! So for those of you that are new to MS, it will try to take you down from time to time. But you have to fight & overcome the emotional rollercoaster ride it can put you on. You have to fight with both your mind and your body. Take a break if you need to but get right back up & keep going. But FIGHT! Fight with a DMT and your mind (attitude) & your body (keep moving).

well said

love it ...keep on believing ....love and happiness is out for all...

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