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Finally got my referral


So I got a call from UCSF (CA, 🇺🇸) I was referred to Dr Xiaoming Jia. He is a Neuroimmunologist and specializes in MS. Has anyone heard of him, or sees him in San Francisco area ? My appointment is November 6th and they said Doctor wants me to bring my actual MRI pictures, he has the reports but wants to SEE what they’re talking about. So- I have to track down my MRIs from my stay in the hospital a few months ago, should be fun. 🙄

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I know nothing about him, but I wish you well with your appointment.

I’ve started automatically getting a copy of the disk after my MRIs. I can get one for free for me to keep.

Just call that hospital & ask for a copy for the Dr. They are after all yours.

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I hope it’s that easy! Lol I was so medicated and just mentally Numb after two weeks in the hospital I didn’t even think to ask for them at the time

@ktaylor8899 - he is listed in the same group of ms specialists that I see ( They've been incredibly good to me on all fronts- care, communication, dealing with the insurance and more.

As my general neurologist said: "You have to be patient with them because they're a teaching hospital".

Getting a copy of MRIs should be easy. Call the service you got it done at and they will prepare it for you. It may take 48 hours though.

That is great to hear!

Hope your appt goes well 🌈

Hope your appt goes well. To get copies of your MRI just call where you had it done and tell them you need copies/disc of your MRI. Depending on where you had it done it could take a day or two. Keep us updated when you can.


Good luck! The only thing I will add about picking up your MRI’s is make sure you have the correct images before leaving. I’ve made requests for...say brain/c-spine 2016...I look and have brain 2015/mammogram 2014 discs. Sheesh! 🙄🙄🙄

How exciting for you!

You just go to medical records and fill out the date and test you want on a form, and they give you a disc, it takes a few minutes to burn the CD...or a while if they are backed up that day. Finding medical records in the hospital is a chore, but they are usually located in the basement. Call ahead to find out what floor it’s on and how long your wait will be.

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I hope your appointment goes well. Keep us posted.


So glad you got the referral and the appointment. I wish you the very best when you meet with the doctor. Please let us know how it goes.

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