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Think about it for 2 seconds. "YOU" and I are now chronically disabled, for the rest of our lives. The average age expectancy I believe is 80ish, give or take. What does this mean to "YOU"? What are "YOU" going to do with the long disabled life that "YOU" have left? Some people will become parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts. Or like me childless and far from most relatives. What might "YOU" like them to see in "YOU", and your ms.

Do, "YOU" want them to remember "YOU' as that strong determined Aunt that never backed down from a challenge, or do you prefer to ve that frail old lady in a wheelchair that is not really remembered?

There is a genetic component to this illness. I have never worked out exactly what it is, but trust me it is there. Develop your strength now, and never ever stop. Break down in private where nobody but "YOU" can see. Find a friend that "YOU " can share with, ask them what they fear in travelling this journey with "YOU". I have apologised endlessly for those nights where I just screamed in pain as the Trigeminal Neuralgia stabbed my face, night after night endlessly. What I put people through was horrible. How they must have felt, helpless watching me there as paramedics shared nervous glances and whispered to each other. I can never know, but I can say sorry, I can do everything to try not to let it happen again, I can "TRY"

Along this journey, obstacles will be faced. It is my choice to decide how I face those obstacles, and it is yours as well. Do what "YOU" can to be remembered as the aunt who never gave up. That aunt that is spoken of in proud awe. This disease is disabling, not fatal. Take a moment and let that sink in. Disabling not fatal. "YPU" have a long life with ms, it is not what "YOU" ever wanted or perhaps even expected. Certainly was not on my to-do list. Bet it was not on yours either.

Unfortunately, it is on the list now, at the top as a matter of fact. Give it the respect and priority it deserves. Become a shining light for your family, be the example that people remember in future generations. That is your legacy, that of a strong determined woman. It is okay for "YOU" to bend sometimes, but it is not okay to break. Find your inner strength, harness it and let it help "YOU " through the dark patches. I will not tell "YOU" that this is an easy Sunday stroll in the park, but I will tell "YOU" that this is a "DOABLE" disease, just make a choice to do it and live long and smart. Be brave and be strong, it is only Relapsing Remitting ms, no biggie once "YOU" come to terms with it. Understand it and yourself. Be "KIND" to yourself and others, especially spouses.


proud to have met "YOU"

Genders can be substituted where appropriate :-)

4 Replies
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you have hit the nail on the head,you have to make a choice daily,am I feeling sorry for myself today or march on?yesterday an embarrassing incident I fell on the side walk outside of the bank and no one was around,so I hard to crawl to the grass and pull myself up on a tree, had to laugh I thought what a site! I still am going to go as long as I can though pam

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RoyceNewton in reply to pamgarner

hope you are okay and did not hurt yourself too much.

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I love this … and I needed it today. Thank you, Royce!

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RoyceNewton in reply to cbella


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