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Test to Monitor Tysabri Levels in Relapsing MS Patients, moNATor by Abreos Biosciences, Available in US

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This is some great new for Tysabri users! From Multiple Sclerosis News Today email I received today. In part...They found that extending the dosing periods of treatment, from the standard once every four weeks to one infusion given up to every 12 weeks, did help to significantly lower the risk of PML while maintaining treatment effectiveness.



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I wish this info had come out last year...then maybe I would have been able to stay on Tysabri. My neuro switched me from a 4 week cadence for my Tysabri infusions to an 8 week cadence and my JCV index was improving but my neuro wasn't impressed. So...he wanted me to switch to Ocrevus which I have. Tysabri kept me stable for 5+ years so I didn't want to change. Oh well.

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I'm sorry to hear that Raingrrl It seems like things either come too late or just in time :(


Hmm..this is good news. Im waiting approval for Tysabri and will start soon. I wil have to mention this to my neurologist. Thank you & blessings:)

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