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And yet more on MRI contrast - sorry for beating the dead horse

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Interesting article, thank you 😊

It will be interesting to watch and see how this technology advances.

That is why there is a class action lawsuit on the MRI contrast.

My aunt had liver failure because of the contrast and had to have 2 liver transplants but she eventually died from liver failure.

As I stated before I don'r get it because I'm allergic to it

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IFwczs in reply to rjoneslaw

Sorry about your aunt. I didn't know about this lawsuit. Makes me feel even better about lying about being allergic.

IFwczs This discussion is far from over. MRI+gadolinium is only 25 years old (young) and there's much to be learned about the long-term effects of the tool. It's one of "do the benefits outweigh the risks?" so much has been discovered about MS through MRIs.

Thanks for sharing the article, interesting IFwczs


IFwczs, the thing about beating a dead horse, at least the horse won't mind! 😁 A definition of irony; After I responded to your previous post on MRI contrast, how "do we really not want our Dr's to not see the small lesions" comment I made. I was watching some tv a day or two following that and a class acton lawsuit commercial on MRI contrast gadolinium came on. Talk about wanting to eat my words. Then I saw rjoneslaw message. 😞 I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been in that tube in the past 5 years. I've tried, and tried to recall them all but... wow... ok so my brain will glow in the dark when they do my autopsy. I was ok with that, well kind of. Now.... It is troubling that the methods to treat and diagnose can be as bad, if not worse, than the afflictions themselves.

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Thank you - this made my posts worth while!

Interesting article IFwczs . Especially since I had hours worth of MRI's yesterday with and without contrast. Since the controversy about the contrast agents started, its always on my mind when I go for my regular MRI's. In the last few years, I've had them twice a year because of being JCV+ and on Tysabri for 5 years. And now we are using them to see if Ocrevus is keeping my MS as stable as Tysabri did.

Yesterday I was handed a detailed document describing the relative risks of all the contrast agents. It compared gandolinium to the other available agents. It was interesting. It was the first time I've been given that information at an appointment.

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IFwczs in reply to Raingrrl

Yes, it appears gadolinium has become the new asbestos - there are so many lawsuits and lawyers specializing in it now!

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