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Help at home..with home.....MS and other illnesses


I see from posts there are many of us just overwhelmed.This really has helped and also detach, enjoy memories and keep what counts.My daughter one day after one of those almost died times(quad bypass) I dont want your stuff and neithier does my son.So dont save it for dresser drawer one small box was a start.on the bed with a show on.I actually put on buried alive HOARDERS version and emotionally I learned a lot and why I do keep things.Pics are gold and daughter will take those and put on a flash drive.How many pans do I cook with?not many, party days are over..Papers!oh my …...still looking for additional help for us all that doesnt cost or little to cost.Kids are honest and very helpful.Just sitting with someone helps.My biggy was being embarrassed to just let someone in the door after all the judgements ive faced in life.It was true of those who were so willing.It is such a relief to see the bottom of a dresser, extra furniture out the door and a clean carpet.I cant wait for the next trauma and leave it to my kids to do....that is a peace I can have.If you find Associations that can help pls put it with the list....SCOUTS can help outside.News stations can help get a house painted with donations, your city may have a list.If retired there is an energy thing where they come in for free and weatherize your home, doors, outlets, windows etc....keep at it. Call a cleaning company and ask if they help you can they write it off on taxes....good luck!

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Adding:Biker groups......

Great post! 😍

Great post! Do you know the name of the energy program you mentioned? I could really use that … :)

jackiesj in reply to cbella

call your city and they may know...can always contact a news station to do a good story!

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