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Thank you for my cooling vest!


@MSAA, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending out my cooling vest! It came very quickly (only a few days) after I filled out the application. I put everything in the freezer overnight, and tried it out the next day when I took my dog out. It was 96° out, but I was able to stay comfortable and it was wonderful! I love that it has a separate piece to go around my neck. It's so kind of this organization to offer a free cooling vest to those with an MS diagnosis. You guys ROCK! 😃😎

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Hurrah for you and for MSAA!

Yippee! Glad you got it and it's helping you! ☀️☃️

Hopefully you got one for you furbabie as it is hot for them also. Thier feet get so hot and people don’t realize it. Glad you got your vest, they are great 👍 🙏🐾😉. Ken

Gods_Girl in reply to Kenu

Absolutely, always careful of that. Thank God we have a very large fenced back yard she uses during the sunny part of the day. We always check the cement temperature of the sidewalk with our hands if we're gonna walk her in the evening. Thanks for the reminder on behalf of all the furbabies. 😊🐶

bxrmom in reply to Gods_Girl

Always have to check cement with your hand before walking your furbabies because they can get hurt VERY bad from hot cement/asphalt.

Wow! The msaa sent you a cooling vest?

I’ve been told I don’t qualify.

I hope it helps you very much.

I’m very happy someone is benefiting from these cooling vests.

Please let us know how this helps.

good luck to you and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Gods_Girl in reply to Momjules

Sorry to hear that. They did ask about income on the application so maybe that was it? I only receive disability. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer too, but I know us MS'ers are looking forward to the Fall, right? 😄 Heat, heat go away!

yeppa they are great MSAA I tout them every chance I get they have heiped me more than once one time with a shower chair sounds simple but for an old guy like me at 62 it sure helps me they were going to help me with a vest when i was in FL but I moved back home to CO little town on the west slope Meeker CO right now 59 degrees i love it FL about killed with the heat when i saw that vest i said man what a great idea!(I worked in the ac and refrigeration ) super idea for us who live in the heat its such a big factor the heat for us at least me not as much here I may put on a sweatshirt ha ha

Gods_Girl in reply to timothy228

Hi Timothy...Your not old! Don't ya know 62 is the new 42? 😉😅 Glad to hear that they assisted you with a shower chair. Didn't know they did that too. Awesome. So what's the temp in Colorado today? Oops just read you said 59. I WISH!

timothy228 in reply to Gods_Girl

Dont get it wrong its gets hot here too but only for a few months Im at least a mile closer to the sun here at 6000 ft above sea level but cools at night 90 today but down to 58 tonight and i can always drive higher up and cool down plus the way i figure I am at least a mile closer to Heaven when its time to meet St Pete at the gate!



So happy you were approved and received your vest quickly Gods_Girl

I am waiting to try. Thanks

How can I get a vest. Its 105 in south Carolina today

Thank you for my MS vest it is great that I can stay out with my friends and not get overheated.

I got my cooling vest and then what happened It goes into the 60*s. F but it’s supposed to go into the 90*s F next week does it figure.

How wonderful! Enjoy it! I'm sure your dog appreciates it as well....

MSAA gave me one as well ten years ago. With a spare set of gel packs and wristbands, even a pillow

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