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Cooling vest recommendations?

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The heat of summer is quickly approaching...Last year we had the hottest summer on record in California. It really took a toll on me physically. This summer, I’m breaking down and getting a cooling vest. What have you all tried? Looking for something lightweight and easy to use. I’d really like to somewhat enjoy the summer with my family and hoping a cooling vest will help. Let me know what you like/use. Thanks friends!

20 Replies
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The MSAA have cooling vests, I personally don’t know what they are like, but I think erash has one and maybe greaterexp .

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greaterexp in reply to jimeka

I don’t.

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cindyrn68 in reply to jimeka

I have a cooling vest with neck scarf. It is a lifesaver! The little freezer packs take up a lot of freezer real estate but so worth it.

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I’ve had a Steele vest for a long time. It’s heavy if just holding it up in your hand, but once it’s on, I really don’t notice the weight. It’s been very helpful. I do recommend extra sets of ice packs. I have three sets. Each set lasts about three hours.

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Jer29-11 in reply to StacyHayward

Thank you!

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I like POLAR

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Jer29-11 in reply to erash


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I had a Polar vest but found it unpleasantly weighty, especially once the ice packs were in. Now I use gel neck wraps and Frogg chilly pads which work even in our humid mid Atlantic summers.

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Jer29-11 in reply to goatgal

Good to know, thanks

I bought cooling wraps/towel/scarves to try and a “cooling blanket”. I’ll start with those. The vests look so bulky/heavy to me.

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i have a kooling best have used a few times ....the scarfs and the little packs you can put it a helmet or hat is really great ...the vest i have i ordered big and that was a big mistake for it is bulky but it does work but not really comfy but it was along time ago and the new ones look to be so much more comfortable ...i guess see if there is some where you can try them on ...

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was to say a vest not kooling best typing is bad today ...all enjoy life ...

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i got a cooling vest years ago from the kindnpeople atmMSAA, for free, but it was way too heavy for me, i spent ages taking cool packs out and putting them back in. Inthink they're best for people who can go out biking, who can hike. It depends on your degree of ability.

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goatgal in reply to ekelks

Mine too was bought about 10 years ago with the intention of wearing it when I worked outside in the garden. The bulk and weight really restricted movement, so I finally gave it to someone who wanted to do a MS walk. Newer types may be lighter and easier to work in, but I find a cold gel pack inside the crown of a special hat and cool wraps for the neck work best for me. And nothing works at all in the sun on an 80 degree day! I work outside from first light until about 10:30 because when I overdo, I'm flat out, done for, finished. For everything else.

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the necklaces are what i've used but the past few years the material is either too thick to matter or so thin it picks up my body heat. so iffy about that too. basically i don't go out in summer if it's too hot.

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I have the Polar vest with ice packs (lasts 3hrs) and phase change packs (cools longer but less cooling overall), and a fully loaded vest is 7lbs of weight. The packs can be removed to accommodate activities that need more movement, bending, etc. I add their neck wrap, which lasts about an hour, when the weather is hotter. Some Polar products can be reimbursed through insurance with a copy of a prescription from your neurologist.

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I have neck coolers and a hat you wet first I have heard about " arctic cool " but I haven't tried them

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I have the MSAA vest. Looks like I'm going fishing. Once you get used to wearing it, it's very comfortable and really helps me, especially since we've already had many days over 100 degrees! I went around the corner to my ACE hardware and just told them this is what a real gardener looks like! Big straw hat and all!

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The last time I received a cooling vest through MSAA, they had an option for a vest that was designed to fit under your clothes if desired (this was what I went with) and also came with 2 wristbands that had a pouch for a small ice pack and a cooling scarf. Prior to that, I had one of the bulkier vests others described. While the newer style is definitely less bulky, it does have a disadvantage of providing less cooling time compared to the bulkier vests. Also, the ice packs with the newer style do take up less refrigerator space than the older style if that is a concern for you. I am so thankful MSAA is able to offer this to people with MS, it certainly makes life a little more tolerable in the summer!

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to FelixTheCatt

The smaller one sounds great. I'm already wearing a back brace most of the time. Trying to avoid 3rd back surgery!

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