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MS Foundation Partnering with ThermApparel to Provide Cooling Vests


To download your app or apply online, just go here:

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Thanks again ✅👍🙏🐾Ken


Thank you! bxrmom 😊


I was sent a cooling best back in 2016 when I got out of the hospital for free.

bxrmom in reply to RoseySawyer

That's great!

I just received my cooling vest and getting ready for a hot summer unfortunately ~terry

Glad you received yours MS_Indestructible. So not looking forward to a hot summer. I applied for mine.


I really like the one they sent. I still have to write a review and they provide a site for me to help raise funds [optional] to help support the cause. Heat is not good for me either so I hope the temps stay favorable for me. btw the vest ship pretty fast.

I applied for the vest. Had to give my neuro and financial info so we shall see. Will post an update when I find out a decision.


me too, you should hear from them soon. ~terry

Great to know!! Thanks!!

How do you attach prescription vs doctor confirmation form?

I have been turned down

Money over sickness I guess.

bxrmom in reply to Momjules

I'm sorry to hear that Momjules I never heard anything after applying so I'm in limbo land. I just assume I have been turned down since I have not heard anything but have not heard anything 'official'.

Hi! They use my husbands income which makes me ineligible.

I have other meds I take so how they instantly deny me is wrong.

I’ll never donate.

Good luck to you!!!

bxrmom in reply to Momjules

I'm sorry to hear that, that is really too bad :(

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Bless you!

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