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Questions on social security

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I have done the applications to try and get social security. I never thought I would try but my job is so stressful. I really think it's making me unhealthy. I wonder how long it could take? I have heard several years. How is a person supposed to live on no money. I am on short term disability through my job until dec 4th then possible long term. Hopefully my job keeps me untiI i get approved from ss. I cannot work currently or drive. .would love to hear any advice on as and what I should do

Thanks , jenny

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I will direct message you

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Jenny,it's Fancy1959. Be prepared for the Long Haul when trying to get Social Security. It took me about two and a half years to get it. I was first turn down twice when I did the self applications. Make sure you do not miss any deadlines because any excuse you give them will be enough for them to drop your case. After my second turned down I had to go before a judge. Make sure you get an attorney before you do this. It's all a giant racket to get more money from you but it really does improve your chances of getting approved. Find an attorney who specializes locally and Social Security tastes. Don't go with an inexperienced attorney that handles a bit of everything. Typically your attorney will meet with you once or perhaps twice before you meet with a judge. Make sure that you indicated you want to be seen by a judge in person and not with a teleconference judge. It is much easier to be turned down via teleconference that it is in person. The day of your hearing your attorney will ask you to dress down. Be clean but don't look stylish, wear an old t-shirt with older jeans and less than good-looking gym shoes if you can get your hands on some. Then beg borrow or steal a walker and use it to go to your hearing with. Be polite and speak when spoken to. Answer questions to the best of your ability. And above all be true in everything you say. I got approved in front of the judge then the judge in his wisdom decided that I needed to wait an additional 8 months before my Social Security kicked in. As my attorney and I went to a separate room to discuss the case I broke into sobbing tears because I like you was trying to figure out how to survive on my disability. I also needed medical attention and I really need it by Medicare to start sooner rather than 8 months later. We can discuss this in more detail if you need it just get back to me. Fancy.

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Jenny, depending on your age and the severity of your disability, it may take just a while, or it might take some time. I was put on perm. disability a long time ago because of very aggressive osteoarthritis. I was around 50 yrs old then. I recall that I was denied the first application, so I hired an attorney and then had to undergo interview/physical with doctor representing Soc. Security. I believe the whole process took 6-9 months. I feel I was fortunate that I had been at the same company for over 20 yrs and they were supportive of me. I also had "long term" disability coverage that I had paid for through my company that also paid me for 18 months. Hope you get your coverage soon and it can give you some peace of mind. The whole process can be stressful, so take a deep breath and be good to yourself.

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I agree with Fancy1959 said, don't dress up, if asked if you typed up paperwork, say your friend helped you. I was asked if I drove myself to interview, like an idiot, I said yes and then they asked if it was an automatic or stick shift. Then used it against me in the first denial. They had full access to my work and attendance records. I had lots of vacation time and used it instead of sick time and they used that against me because it looked like I had never used "sick" time. Always say someone helped you with anything they ask. Hope it works out for you.

The very moment you are turned down, get a social security lawyer. They don't charge anything unless they win the case for you, and then their fee is based upon the money paid out to you when they win for you. Get the best SS lawyer you can find in your area so they don't play around.

I applied for disability in 2005. I was advised to wait for six months of being on leave from work before I applied. Then I answered all the questions with the worse scenario without lying. I didn't drive, even though I could, I answered that I had trouble cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. They got back to me in about 65 -75 days by phone and did a phone interview. They sent me more forms for me, a witness and my doctor to fill out. His PA filled it out for me and without lying made it look bad by telling about the brain and spine lesions and recommended that I not work because my job exacerbated MS. Then they sent me to a doctor in another town for an eval. Then sent me to a psychologist for another eval. About 6 months later I was approved. The whole process took a little over a year. I was one of the lucky ones that got through first time. My husband had to go on disability due to a back injury and an incision that never healed after heart surgery and colon rupture 2 days later and a hernia surgery a year later where the nurse turned the epidural on free flow and he coded an hour later. It took him 2 years and a lawyer. We didn't have to go to court, the lawyer was good. So be patient and keep your I's dotted and t's crossed, don't lie, and be as disabled as you can be because they do send out scouts to check up on people (per our lawyer) The good news is when you are approved they go back to the eligibility date (six months after you stop working) to pay you back pay at the rate you have been approved for (usually what you would get as social security when you are 62). Good luck, be patient.

I received full disability in five weeks. I was 60. I could no longer do my job nor any other job because of the unpredictability of my disease. I had all of the MRI results, doctors notes, evaluations and the SS form filled out completely. I went into the local SS office for an interview. Fortunately it was a hot day and the stress made it worse. I think I almost fell asleep at the SS office. My wife took me into the interview and stayed the whole time. I had quit work because of the MS and my doctor had filled out her necessary disability paperwork. I had talked to a disability lawyer who coached me for free (one time only). We got his name from NMSS. Had I failed to get disability I would have to try again ot hire the layer to do it. Medicare did not kick in until 29 months later. It is worth the effort, social security is far from enough to live on but it helps. Medicare has been very good for me, even covering Ocrevus infusions.

That is great news. I hope I get so lucky. I am hoping to start ocrevus soon with good results. Thank you


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