Long term disability

I do have to let you know all of you who gave me information with long term disability I had my Tella conference this morning and it went smother than I though it would have gone. I was well informed in part because of all of you, and the man that was asking me the questions was thought full. You have to understand the people I worked for meaning about 3 of them were not nice to a person with MS all of the rest were good to work with . So I have a hard time thinking that there are good people who are sincere, because you have disease. I don't have an answer yet on the long term disability.

Thank you all for your help.

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  • ssdw1958 I filed and was denied in TN, hired a lawyer and refiled. Still waiting, waiting for unemployment too. I'll pray for you, you pray for me.

  • I not sure how long they have to check to see if I qualify can you imagine sHot term did it but that took a while now long term has to look into it . You think I like staying home and doing nothing, if I could I would be working. I am not upset with you, but you know what I mean as the kids would say "really" but I will say a prayer for you

  • I know what you mean, I worked until August. I got laid off, but until then I worked full time since 1978. Not ready to sit like a bump on a log yet.

  • Well they have to get ahold PCP and neurology get info from work ??? I'll let you know...?????

  • Did they say how long you would have to wait ssdw1958 ?

  • No but they have to get more info from my job and I got some info and left a message with him I really dislike doing the waiting game I am not a paciant person oh well nothing else to do. I'iI let you know.

  • Always the waiting game! I'm not a patient person either lol and can't stand the hurry up and wait game lol. Good Luck. I hope you don't have to wait long.

  • The process takes 3 months. They need to obtain medical records etc from your doctors. These companies are insurance companies that are highly regulated. They have to do what they say they do. Good luck

  • The lawyers say that Disability denies applicants %75 of the time that first apply. Then you have to re-file. 4-6 months process here they say.

  • More waiting it really stincks then I really love these people who think retirement is so much fun.NOT when you are forced into it before your time. Ok I will stop feeling sorry my self. Only kidding !

  • I got my short term check. It's about time some good has happened. I have to deal with long term know. But I want to thank everyone for your support. Have a good weekend it is going to be raining here.

    I do have to say if you have the optunity to sign up for short term long term disability you should do it, also let other people know they should do it.

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