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New computer, about time


msERS, good morning to YOU all. I hope YOU slept well and had good thoughtful days while I was gone. Of course this is not 100% set up yet but I did miss YOU terribly. Isn't that a pleasant thought. A complete stranger misses YOU and is glad to be back talking with YOU.

FEAR, what is that YOU are scared of? What are YOU doing to alleviate that fear, or are YOU just accepting that, that is the way it is now? East for me to say, but I might suggest that YOU have a good long hard look at that fear, and the dictionary. Is that fear a phobia? Phobia is n irrational fear of... I have a phobia of needles, better now but what I did was learn about needles. gauges and types. With education I was better able to learn and cope with my phobia, I realized that my fear could be moderated.

This I assume is also true for side effects for medicines. I learned that there is some rule that manufacturers have to list side effects in the warnings. Just because they say "flu like symptoms" "constipation" does not mean that I or YOU are going to get it. Somebody did and they have to tell YOU that.

Just because anything in ms happened to somebody, never means that it WILL happen to YOU, and even if it does. Because YOU are an educated flexible msER who bends like BAMBOO. YOU can COPE.

I can not stress to YOU enough. LEARN about your ms. STUDY your ms. Become the EXPERT on your ms. As a newbie this comes with experience. Get on your Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) open your eyes, are notes and start to learn. it comes with time but there is no need to wait 20 years, to say"I wish I had of payed attention, back then. Do it now. Relapsing Remitting ms is different now than it was 20 30 years ago. You owe it to the future YOU that YOU learned and did everything YOU can to make that future YOU able a productive and happy.

Learn about your fears, understand them then CONQUER THEM. Remember always that YOU CAN YOU WILL YOU DO always more than YOU ever thought YOU could.

rrms is an incurable illness but for YOU today it is a very very DOABLE inconvenience.

Make yours a life sentence in an easy country club prison.


At the country club with ....

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Hey! Sure missed U Too! Big time!❤😍 missed your awesum encouraging advice. So very glad you are back.😃 Thanks for this 1 too, we can cope.😍Blessings Mate!---Jazmine

Thanks mate

We must be related..just got the Acer i can hold at 2.7lbs...yahhhh!

gotta have a computer, very good news. I agree with Jazzyinco and second her words and thoughts. Good to have U back. Blessings ~terry

thanks very much

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