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Put your thinking cap on


mser's, this applies to everybody and is short and just for you to think about.

!. How do YOU see yourself?

2. How do YOU want others to see YOU?

3. What are YOU willing to do to have people look at YOU the way YOU want to be looked at?

4. the BIG one, do YOU really care what people think when they see YOU?, WHY?

Just think about it YOU do not need to tell me, just think about it for yourself. You know the answer can change, YOU are not condemned to be only one thing forever.


Was an airman, then a pilot, then disabled, now something else, I think.

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Well Royce, you certainly know how to get my attention! I won't post my answers here although they will be really thought out and written in my MS journal.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to get our minds going and I look forward to seeing answers from anyone that might post them.

This is something that may be terribly personal to some people although I will answer question #4. I absolutely do not care about how other people see me. I have been dealing with this problem for 40 years. I lost my left eye to cancer (glioma on the optic nerve) as a teenager and because of the amount of tissue etc, that was removed, my prosthetic eye has never been comfortable. I wore it anyway until 2005 when I had another tumor on a smaller nerve in the same area. At that time I started wearing a patch full time and have felt so much better.

I worked in the hospitality/casino industry for over 20 years and I was amazed at how many grown men would walk by me and make a pirate noise or how 20 something guys would be bold enough to ask if they could see under my patch.

So I don't care what people think about me, I've been dealt some hefty blows but I'm still here.

Only our Lord knows--Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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Well said Maggie. 🦋

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Thank you

I think I have said before that I think your patch as cool, my opinion has not changed.

Thank you Royce! I tend to get a little "weird" with some of the designs. I have one with a large googly eye in the center and a false eye lash above. I also had a friend who is an artist draw/paint an almost exact duplicate of my other eye and that's the one that really freaks people out. I figure if I'm going to wear a patch every day then I'm going to have fun and I'm going to be fashionable. I have close to 50 patches so I have one for every occasion.


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Very well said Maggie, i too think it's kewl!😻🙏😍Blessings---Jazz

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The Bible makes so many promises that I cannot reconcile with my own life experiences. I am outside of God’s grace somehow.

Awesum Royce, this will go in my M.S. journal too. Thanks again.😍👍Blessings---Jazz

glad that you liked it

1. I see myself as I have always seen myself.

2. I want others to see me for the person I am on the inside.

3. I am willing to get to know someone so we can both see who we are

4. Nope dont really care if they cant get past the outside to see me on the inside. Their loss

good attitude

Royce, I love reading your messages. I specifically look for them because they are always enlightening and make me think! Thank you!

PS - I've always had a bad self image so I will not answer your questions!

I am sorry, do not answer to ME answer to YOU and try to be honest.

Like I said, I've always had a poor self image so I try not to think about it.

Growing up I always felt that I didn’t deserve anything good, and that if I did get something it would always get taken away somehow. I never felt worthy of good things. Just before getting the results of the bar exam my mom asked “what will it take for you to believe you are good enough?” I said that if the Texas Board of Law Examiners says I am good enough I will finally have to believe it. I found out that I passed the bar exam and 3 weeks later I was legally blind in both eyes from optic neuritis. I was obviously right all along.

Self image is/can be something that comes from within but usually it is from others in our life telling us we are not pretty, smart, fashionable, don't have a good enough car or job. It's easy for me to sit here and say these things. Have you thought about seeing a therapist?

I see one, it's the one place that I can say anything, I can be vulnerable, I can cry or yell or even feel sorry for myself.

People who live with chronic pain and/or chronic illness are much more prone to chronic depression.

It is nothing to be ashamed of and I don't know what I would do without my therapist.

God Bless you!

I have had therapy off and on throughout my life. When I was growing up I had an older sister who always belittled me and told me how ugly was. For most of my life I was anorexic. (Am 6' tall and used to weigh 119#.) Over that but at my age realize I believe what I do and nothing will change that. The only thing that makes me feel good is reactions to my button art.

It would be great if you could upload photos of your art, I'm not creative at all. When my children were little I couldn't even color within the lines!

I have. I'm getting closer to completing another and when I do I will put it up.

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