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Hmm, long long long ago, something happened to me, ms, I do not why, if it was something I did or said or was I just meant to, have this, BECAUSE somebody had to have it and I CAN cope with it, just like YOU. Within US all, there is that little something extra. That something , that says YOU CAN. Accept that YOU CAN and just start DOING.

I am broken BECAUSE, and that is the answer. YOU ask any question, about this and the answer is BECAUSE. I am half Caste, mixed blood, I grew up in the hot tropics, close to the Equator. I have ms, just BECAUSE. It took awhile to come to that conclusion, but after finally deciding that it was no more than just BECAUSE. Do YOU have any idea WHAT it did for me?

It took me from a victim to the MAN with the POWER. I had decided that I was now going to do ALL I could to change what seemed to be a pretty grim future. I was going to look at potential fears and laugh at them. Wheelchairs, no more need to buy shoes. Scooters, damn I can go fast through the store. Beep beep, "get out of my way, I'm a comin through". Handicap toilets, ahh the room. Depends, at least grey matches my T-shirts and socks.There really are advantages. Let's not talk about airlines or busses I may not get the exit row, but I get wheeled everywhere, I get on the plane first and even got upgraded once or twice for free.

Yes, there are disadvantages, I spent 10 yrs getting needles every other day, and if YOU know me it was not a pretty sight. I just put on my bright yellow construction hat, sang Bob the Builder, "can we fix it, yes we can", very loudly and got on with it. Admittedly the people who gave me the needles in my hairy posterior did know me very very well. So YOU see, coping mechanisms, They help YOU cope with your ms. Go and find yours. Embrace them, do not fear ms and what it may or may not do to YOU. LOOK for and FIND those little silly somethings that can make your life a little easier, If at first, YOU do not see them, make them up. YOU are a HOMO SAPIEN, H Sapiens have lived through this illness. YOU, my friend, have multiple medicine choices, I had ONE and it involved needles. Lots of them, over many years. The tools are out there. YOU have relapsing remitting ms in 2018, in the United States. Your future will only be as bright as YOU make it

Pick one, put on your helmet, and get your boots tied up. We have a very long walk ahead of us, and YES we will walk slowly if YOU need to we are not leaving YOU behind.

Come with us, DON'T be scared it is only ms, and it is a DOABLE disease.


no more needles on the posterior, YAA

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Another great read Royce 👍😁🙏🐾. Ken

in reply to Kenu

Thanks very much

You know I think you should write a book 📖 it could just be the message of the day. You could make some money 💰 on it.

That’s my message to you.

nice idea, maybe one day.


I thot i had coping mechanisms but i dont think i have ones that work

You do my friend, YOU just need to remember that the life board is always changing now. You have to adjust and adjust and never stop adjusting.

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