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I WILL try again later, maybe


Newbies and msER.s If You can not do something RIGHT NOW. That is OKAY, ease up on yourself. take a moment, perhaps try a different way of doing it. Even do not do it at all. It was not that important was it? Seriously in the scheme of things, who cares?

I am not saying just stop, vegetate in the corner and grow leaves. We all have a very long walk ahead of us. It is not just we are going to live until we are 90+, we have to do it with a chronic disease as our constant companion.

So all in all my friend, EASE UP be GENTLE with yourself. I understand that it is challenging at times. I as well used to be able to DO life at 100 miles per hour, but do YOU know now at 20miles per hour the view is much nicer and I still get things done. Actually, I get to pick the really important things and just let the rest slide.

My dog is important, my family is important. Okay one or two of them, the rest well, I shall decide tomorrow maybe, maybe not. Do not take 2 years, take a serious look around and decide what YOU have to do & what You can let slide. It may take a little while, but learn this and your ms journey can be so much easier. YOU are not less of a person because YOU can not or will not do something.

Protect yourself always as best YOU can.


polishing my armour plates

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Amen. 😊❤🌷

That is how it is

Always have wonderful things to say about and good advice.

Thank you!

Have a great day!

I normally do, it is 3 am when I get challenges.

I love this. I needed to see something like this today. This it was I’m trying to learn when it comes to work. It’s only been since December that I’ve had this diagnosis. I use to be able to work all day 12 hrs or more and never bothered me. I use to be able to rush around. Now I’m learning I ca do some of the things I use to with work. It kills me.l because I don’t want my employees to think I’m slacking off. With the new position I’m realizing I can do it because I get overheated to fast because of the ms. Before I would have sucked it up but now I am not. Going to admit I can’t and take care of my needs.

Glad it helped, learned from way to much experience. Take care of yourself.

I totally agree w/ya there Royce! Another great encourager as always. Stay True & take care if U😻😍👍Blessungs---Jazmine

YOU as well my fellow travellor

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