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reporting on 2nd 1/2 dose of Ocrevus

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I had my 2nd 1/2 dose of Ocrevus yesterday. It was eventless like the 1st one two weeks ago. Already knowing what it was all about made, I had far less anxiety and was more relaxed.

Went in at 8:30am, was done at 1:30am. The Benadryl shot hit me harder this time, but I got out of it faster. Just watch TV all along. I think this is the only thing worth trying to do if you can't sleep during the infusion.

Drove myself home did a few things around the house but took a good nap in the afternoon (not sure it was because of the treatment, it was a busy, tiring week at work.)

Waked up early this morning to watch the soccer world cup and feel 100%.

Wishing everybody similar, eventless treatments!

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Good for you and nice to hear things are going well 🙏👍🇺🇸. 🐾😉Ken

So very happy it went good and feeling good!!

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