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1st Ocrevus infusion & 1st ms treatment

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Just had my first infusion 3 days ago. It was a lot more straightforward and easier than anything I had read about Ocrevus.

Yes, the Benadryl shot made me drowsy for a few hours but given that I had to be locked on a chair for 5 hours, it was not a big deal.

No side effects, during the infusion or after and drove myself home alone after a bit of shopping (my husband was on call just in case).

I even think that the shot of steroid that comes with the procedure made me feel better by quieting down my hip pain (arthritis).

I have not set any expectations for the results. it will probably take until next MRI (6 months) before any difference is seen. Until then, I will keep exercising, eating right to keep the symptoms at bay (hopefully).

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Please keep us posted. My wife is interested.

I’m so thrilled that it went so well for you! Hurrah!

I’m very grateful that you are posting about your experiences. So many of us are considering Ocrevus, and it helps to hear about how others are doing with it.

Glad your infusion went well anaishunter Keep us updated on how things continue to go for you.


Very happy to know things went well for you! I start my first half infusion on the 11th. Some people have a hard time with side effects during/after first infusion. Good to know some people are just fine! Thanks!

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