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June 2018 Artist of the Month


2018 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month

Maria M-M NY

As a child I was influenced by my father a sculptor, painter and art teacher in the NY School System. At the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS), I was inspired by my beautiful mother to continue my love of art from fine graphics to oil on canvas. This journey has taken me to a “naive style” of painting.

My love of animals, the power of nature and the beauty of my ancestral home, Greece, with its magnificent colors and seas give me the strength to carry on exploring.

Currently I am discovering the nooks and gardens of Forest Hills and planning future travels.

Congratulations Maria, I love what you call your "Naive" style! To see more of Maria's art and other entrants, check this out! mymsaa.org/artshowcase2018/...

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Thanks for post👍 My wife is half Greek. She makes the pastry, yum 😋. Nice painting 😉. 🐾 Ken

Thank you for taking a vision you have and putting it on canvas to share with others. You have an incredible gift again I say Thank You :)

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