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I little win I had today


G'day everybody,

Waking up this morning to hours later than I normally do I decided to try a new experiment. Stand up straight & put my pants on without leaning on anything, just stand. Ok got the first leg in second one hmm perhaps not so goo, but I DID get one leg in so I had a success. Good start.

Then I found my bun that I had forgotten and had that for breakfast, I love these buns & I was just about to make cereal, another win 2 for 2 I am on a role. Then may neighbor called & said his wife wants to go to a movie so no visit to the casino for breakfast. I was grumbling to myself about the $6 I would have to spend so another win. That is 3 for 3 wow what a marvelous start.

The sun is shining, I am standing, morning coffee did not spill & I remembered something. GOOD DAY, bet u can find them as well if u look, LOOK.

Anyway my point today. Do you read ,listen to, watch things that make u learn. I ask this because u do realize as we learn new things our brain adapts to these new experiences. As ms eats me I will adapt and build new routes that it has not gotten at yet. New paths, building to new roads to new multilane freeways through my body, if I can do it once I can do it again. It may not be perfect but it will be different.

Speaking of learning did u know that Bruce Lee the kung fu bloke, wrote philosophy? One of the things I remembered, is BE LIKE BAMBOO. Bamboo is what the build scaffolding with in China. Huge buildings with bamboo & rope scaffolding. Bamboo is very strong, but also flexible at the ends, it waves in the wind but it is very hard to break & cut. Make yourself like bamboo, Bend, move withe the breeze but make your roots strong so when a storm hits it puts u sideways but does nit break you. The strength is within all of us, encourage it to grow and remember to bend, be flexible be adaptable.

How any situation looks really is your decision, is this bad or is the bearable, again this choices.

Have a good day & find somebodies else philosophy that u might adapt & make your own.


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I'm continually trying to find ways to challenge my brain. So many good things out there.

RoyceNewton in reply to Iona60

Find anything really good let me know, I do Lumosity before breakfast most days.

Iona60 in reply to RoyceNewton

Android apps for geography brain trainer,. Google's coding app- grasshopper, and words with Friends 2

RoyceNewton in reply to Iona60


Iona60 in reply to RoyceNewton

Let me know if you come across any other apps where you actually learn stuff. I use fitbrains instead of lumosity, but I find it boring.

no problem, have a good day.

I like that. BE LIKE BAMBOO!

RoyceNewton in reply to melack01


Great post Royce! Thank you! Linda

Thanks, have a good day.

Thank you for your post

sharing your daily victories & philosophies

Very inspiring & motivating

Hope it helps somebody having a different day.

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