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I am gonna try an all natural neuro-transmitter @h.s. as it may maturally enhance or help brain. I don't know how i would react to the prescrips drugs, as i am not on any of those yet, nor do i want to be, i just got an awesum Blessing yesterday! A free juicer from my county case mngr!! I Praise G°D for her! The only precious to my heart that help get me by, is my Faith, my caregiver & my Lap cats!! 🎁💐🌷🌹😍🐯

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Have you talked to your neurologist about these supplements?

All I can tell you is to be careful with what you do take.

I would also advise you from experience if you start to feel any kind of symptoms no matter how minor you may think it is don’t ignore them go see your neurologist immediately. Recovery from something you ignored could be a painful and long recovery

Jazzyinco in reply to rjoneslaw

Thanks R.J. i'll monitor that & ask my neuro. When i see her the 4th...👍🌹🌷💐😄

Love the cats😻

5htp is similar to the effects of prescription antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft etc. be careful, the quality of supplements poorly regulated

Jazzyinco in reply to erash

Oh okay erash, thanks, it's a NOW product natural, ssome1 told me bout it that's anaturapathologist, so we'll see... 💝😉


I have to agree with rjoneslaw and erash before you start taking ANYTHING new, Always make sure your Health Team knows. You don' know what this will do to you either.😉

Love your kitties! 💕


Jazzyinco in reply to Jesmcd2

Thanks jes! Greatly appreciated, & yeah, we onlyhave 2 of the 4left now, our evil neighborsstole the dad& 1 of the brothers, 😣😞😤😪😭😱 those were mycare-giver's/hubby'scats& mine are my lap-kuties!!🐯🐅🐈 we have to move very soon, but cannot yet!! 😣Or we'll not survive here cuzof dem scary, evil neighborz!! 😣😡

I have been on bupropin (Wellbutrin) for years and it helped me a lot after trying many other AD’s. I have stuck with it because it stopped my breathing problems in sleep and waking up suffering to get air in and out. When I first started taking it many many years ago,I could feel it doing something and that was a lot better than the others that did nothing. My senses actually seemed much better.

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