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We need to protect ourselves from falling at all cost. What are your best ideas to share with everyone?🤸‍♂️

Hey gang it's Fancyj.1959 and if you're wondering why I decided to do such a post today it is because I took a bad fall last night. I was in the dining area taking a picture for this chat room and I took a step back and felt my balance go took two more steps back and then I crashed to the floor. I hit my head hard and possibly put a chips in my left elbow.

After visiting the doctor this afternoon she confirmed I did have a concussion and we're going to wait a week on the elbow to see if it gets any less painful in if it does not we will then x-ray.

Now I'm asking for everyone to share tips they use to prevent Falls. I think this would be a great post for everyone. I generally try to keep a walker handy. It's just so hard not to take a couple steps away when you get distracted about what you're after or what you're doing xcetera.

The really stupid part of this for me is that I have a weight vest. It's just wonders to equalize my balance forward and back when I remember to wear it. It's bulky and gets hot in the summer but I need to start wearing it full time. I cannot afford to keep falling. This makes my 7th concussion, not all MS related. I hope everyone else realizes that if you also experience Falls, you cannot afford to keep going boom! Hey I know for one, I do not bounce like I used to! Haha!

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Years ago my physical therapist showed me how to fall with less injuries 👍 I still hurt my wrist and elbow on falls, but nothing major 👍 Mine is usually not knowing where my right foot is 🤷🏼‍♂️ I always have to think about moving that foot or down I go 🤬 I subconsciously think about what I do, I think thru the years my brain has adapted to due this 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oh well, it seems to have helped 👍 If anyone knows the secret, let me know 🤷🏼‍♂️🙏🐾🐩🐕🐶 Ken P.S. I think that as I struggle to stay upright it comes with falls.

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I just avoided a horrible fall yesterday. I was able to catch myself before I went face down on the exercise bike. I was more me not paying attention.

For me I make it a mission to pay attention to what I’m doing because I can’t do two things at once.

If I do fall, what I do to prevent injuring to myself I go limp to avoid injuries. When you tense up your body will sustain more injuries.

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