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Getting stronger? πŸ™„ surprise!

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Hi Everyone, since I share the yucky stuff here I thought I should share some happy, surprising news. Tonight I walked out of the house mad (that's not new) but i forgot my cane/walker! I walked 150 steps... each myself! If you're like me and have known what it's like to go from unassisted to a cane to a walker you get what a big deal this is. So I don't want to make like I'm cured because I'm not. I've been in PT 2x/week for months, doing The MSGym and today was a dry, warm restful Sunday so it was not an ordinary day but Man! it was something I didn't know if I would ever do again!! Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with me.

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Great to hear! πŸ‘

Sandydemop in reply to mrsmike


Oh Sandy, thank you so much for sharing your good news. It gives us hope to hear that it can be done. Your hard work is being paid off, so happy for you, blessings Jimeka πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 🍫🍫

Sandydemop in reply to jimeka

Hi jimeka You'll be happy to know that I'm no longer mad and yes, it can be done. healthy living works! Determination works and special thanks for your support.



That is a BIG deal!

Sandydemop in reply to Hidden

Thanks Shelly!

That's awesome!

Thanks falalalala

That’s great πŸ˜ƒ Hope it continues to get even better πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€— Ken 🐾🐾

Sandydemop in reply to Kenu

Thanks Ken

Wow! I'd encourage you to stay mad if it weren't bad for your mental health! That's fantastic news! Keep doing what you're doing!

LOL So easy to stay mad! I had walked down a few stairs and out to the street before I realized i didn't have a cane or a walker! I am tempted to pick a fight just to test the hypothesis :) Thanks Erin

πŸ˜‚. But please don’t say I was the one to encourage your anger!

thanks! whatever works, right?

wow that is fantastic ....i guess you need to get mad more often to see how much farther you can go...keep safe and yes keep up all of this and go on ...this is so great ...wowowoowowowo,,

Yes! It gave me confidence that I can get better. I thought i was only going to keep sliding downwards. It just goes to show that when I'm not thinking about my disability i can do better than expected. Thanks very much for your support.

oh that is so true ...can't think about it but i know there are times it is talking to you and bugging you but yes try to think of what you would like to do ...if not like before well you just find another way of doing it ...take care and love and much happiness and laugh as much as you can ...i do ...hahahah...

thanks very much. Good words to live by.

I think you are right. Someone at one of my MS meetings who was talking about Swing Dancing and I was thinking about how much I missed dancing grabbed me at the end of our meeting to dance and I could do it, as long as we did not stop moving I was ok. This was before my symptoms grew more challenging. But I think you've got something. I am going to try it on myself. As long as my mind is occupied I may be able to walk without aids. I will try with my physical therapist on our bar excercise. Thank you!

Hey leapsnbounds that sounds wonderful. I have not danced in the longest. and I see also music is important to you. try it out and please let me/us know how it goes. You can do it. If you're like me your mind is the biggest obstacle.

Did you dance?

I'm sorry for the delayed response. I did not dance but I was a karaoke singer. I love music and karaoke was my life and a small escape from everything.

Congratulations, very well done. Keep it up

Thanks Royce!


That's fantastic, Sandydemop It's amazing progress! Keep it up, and Keep Smiling! :-D

Thanks Carole, Amazing, right? How are you holding up?

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to Sandydemop

I am doing the best that I can by walking (think hobbling/gobbling) around the neighborhood! :-D

Hey Carole, Getting outside is great for your health. I applaud you. Keep going!

Great job! Sometimes the best things are done when we are mad ;)

Sandydemop in reply to bxrmom

Thanks bxrmom Being mad took me out of my logical, thinking self into my body, where I guess I should be, right? Hmmm. Staying in my body...Hmmm Can more good come from staying in my body?

keep up the pt exersizes,must be working!there is no value that can be placed on walking unassisted:)

Sandydemop in reply to pamgarner

On the list of things I used to but no longer take for granted

Wonderful news!!! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

Sandydemop in reply to kdali

Thanks 😊

Wow! Although you think it will be a one-off, I hope this turns out not to be true! πŸ™‚

Sandydemop in reply to Ali_B62

Thanks I have to be careful but yes, you don’t know until you try

Happy to hear your progress. Many great days ahead.

Sandydemop in reply to JSSimp


JSSimp in reply to Sandydemop

You’re welcome!

Wow! That great! Sorry you had to be mad, though. :)

Sandydemop in reply to cindyrn68

Thanks Cindy. You know I'm sorry I had to be mad too but something good came out of it so... it was a good thing after all!πŸ˜‰

Fantastic, congratulations!

Sandydemop in reply to IFwczs

Thanks so much. What did you decide about the bathtub?

IFwczs in reply to Sandydemop

I made another post last night - it's here

I don't want to rain on your parade, but I have to admit when I have forgotten or carelessly tried to make it a short distance, I'm always scanning the floor/ground for the smoothest fall target. Sad but true...

I understand. It’s habit. Plan for the worst.

Awesome! Hard work pays off. Great Job!

Thanks so much!

I remember days when that felt like all I could do with a cane. I actually started using the cane to push myself forward. Many years, that cane was my best friend. I got over the cane, regaining my balance, now for how many years. With the cane, I worked very hard to get up to where I could do 10,000 steps! Not easy, many years of pushing myself, with the cane. Now I so it without the cane.

You start like a cripple. BUT if you push yourself, till you ache, and drop. Then do it all again, the next AND EVERYDAY. you will get there. My goal, to run again? You have to stay optimistic!

Hey MarkUpnorth that Is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Thanks for the inspiration!

Yeah! Celebrating with you!!

Thanks very much. It means a lot to Me to celebrate with you

You just need to have a never give up attitude, and a cane. When you fall, get right back up, and do it some more. I cracked ribs, and lots of scrapes and minor bleeding, but that's what it took. Celebrate! Every day, doing just a little bit more each day.

Dear MarkUpnorth Cracked ribs? really? I don't know if I'm that dedicated. Not on purpose anyway. Last night i felt pretty good so I took the dog for a walk, unassisted and she pulled me down. Scraped my knee. Had trouble getting up. So I will go out alone for walks for a while I guess. thanks for the pep talk. You and everyone have been great!

I didn't try for cracked ribs, they just kind of happened. They weren't cracked, just fractured. Painful, yes, live with it, move on. They took a long time, but they healed.

Hi Mark, glad you have healed up and going strong. Sometimes i have used a walker and i bought a wheel chair just in case i had a bad day. So now...I am feeling stronger, still walking short distances without assistance. Small victories. thanks!

take the dog for a walk again and just talk to the dog and remind her you are up to pare like you use to be but also take the cane so if you get to the point of uneasiness like you are going to trip or what ever it is there for you and maybe it will help to remind the dog see i see not all okay so we go slow till we can do this together and not fall so sorry you fell but can't give up i know it hurts but ha it all starts slow and let the dog help you ...i use to have can in one hand and will i felt like i was going to fall i would lean on the dog which ever one was the closest if you have the leash in right have can in the left ..start slow for it may scare the dog...good luck keep on trying does get better ...


Congratulations keep trying

Thanks Tazmanian I am a little overwhelmed with all the love. I will keep trying, partly because of you guys!

Congratulations!! BRAVO, BRAVO!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

Hidden in reply to CrazyCatWom


Sandydemop in reply to Hidden

Hidden I always enjoy reading you. πŸ‘ All this love is amazing!

Thank you very much CrazyCatWom Every step is a victory. Really want to stay on my feet. How are you doing?

Just moaning and groaning about piddly stuff

I get that. I'm usually in there with you. This is not for sissies!

Along the same lines, how do you put your hair up in a pony tail if your hand is not working? thanks.

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