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While dealing with a quite vile angry mood swing today I tried to think of something that makes me happy or feel relief in some way. I realized that this forum is a place that make me feel that open relief with my journey. There is so much understanding and absolutely no judgement or negative assumptions. I have gained so much support and knowledge from everyone that I was able to focus on this and help level myself out enough to keep my mouth shut and continue to coexist peacefully with my coworkers, not always an easy task when you feel like biting someone’s head off. So I wanted to say thank you and that I have much love for all of you!

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It sounds like we both worked for the same group of xxxxxthings I don’t call them (people) because people don’t treat someone with a disease like they did me and it was so bad that it went through lawyers so I can’t even legally talk about it. So sorry that’s all I can say about that.

I know it is easier said than done but don’t dwell on it too much it won’t help you physically or even mentally. BUT I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.

I don’t work there or any where. From me to you just do your job and keep on smiling they will never know what you are thinking and if someone asks how your day is just say it’s great keep them guessing.




JV1940miss we are ALL Family here! 💕 Got to love those anger attacks.😐 So difficult to control. Yet you did!😊

I'm so glad you found a soft place to fall here!💕 We would love to here more from you.😊

Jes 🌠


Ah, the mood swings of MS! I have great family, but this is where I know I can safely vent without hurting anyone’s feelings, especially those whom I love and who love me. (Yes, Virginia, those people exist!)

You reminded me to thank everyone here, who are now sweet friends.


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