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Prayers for my Great Grandma

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My great grandma is 96 years old and she fainted yesterday and was admitted to the hospital. She had blood work done yesterday and then a test done today. She is not to have food orally so she is now only getting it through iv. Her next options are either through iv or stomach. Tomorrow, depending if my in laws with watch my dog(which I guess my sis had said she would (just I didn't know she had said it lol) over the Christmas weekend I will be going with grandpa and his wife to WI (4 hour drive) to go see her in the hospital.

13 Replies
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I'm so sorry hun sending u hugs and prayers xxxx

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bxrmom in reply to janetb1968

janetb1968 Thank you. My step sis is going to stay home with my dog and not go to her in laws so that I can go and probably see my great grandma one last time. Will keep everyone updated when I can.

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bxrmom prayers going up as I write. Take care of yourself and don't get too tired. Please let us know how your great grandma is. Blessings Jimeka 🙏 🤗

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jimeka Thank you. My step sister said that she is going to stay home with my dog because she has been in a similar situation but was lucky enough to live in the same town as her great grandma. She said she will stay home so that I can go and see, possibly for the last time my great grandma. I will post when I can.


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🙏🙏🙏prayers are with you and your family 👍🎄❤️Ken

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bxrmom in reply to Kenu

Kenu Thanks!

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Sorry bxrmom .

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bxrmom, defitely! She will be glad to see you.Ate that age Id faint too!Dehydration etc as we get older i find is always an issue.Be safe, take a heatingpad or what YOU need.Dont be afraid to take a break.May there be a VERY Merry Christmas...jj

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On the wings of angels bxrmom

J 🌠🎄

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Thank you every one for your prayers. We for into town yesterday afternoon and after talking to my aunt and uncle we went to see my grandma. They Haas just given her some morphine about 10 mins before we got there so she was a little out of it but was glad I was able to make it. She is unable to walk and probably won't ever again because of the bad arthritis in her right hip. She has a feeding tube in her nose that she has yanked out once so unfortunately she has soft restraints on to keep her from doing it again. While we were there visiting my cousin and his wife were there as well which was really good because we don't get to see each other when I have come to town for last couple years cause timing was just off on one of out parts. We free up at going to grandma's house so it it was nice to reflect on good times. But also on how sad things are now and people who we have lost already.

Snow is expected today here in southern Wisconsin but not like Illinois is supposed to get but living here most of my life, things can change on a dime so we shall see. Thankfully the hospital is not far away from the house.

That's all for now. Merry Christmas everyone.


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So glad you are there with Grandma, Blessings, Lynn🙏💕🎄

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bxrmom , what a rotten way to spend Christmas. Thoughts and prayers going out to your family. Wishing you a better 2018. Sukie427

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I am back home from visiting my great grandma. She was doing pretty good today. The nurse changed some meds after getting the doctor's okay to ease her breathing. She is in congestive heart failure, guess she has been for awhile but the only reason I found out was because when visiting I noticed her nails were getting pretty long and raggedy and she always says she can't cut them so I trimmed them for her. When I did the one hand, it was kind of puffy. I mentioned it to the nurse and that's when she told me. When I told my aunt (my grandpa's sister, about it, she was like 'she has been for awhile'!! I'm sorry....we are family, don't you think you should pick up the phone and call your brother tell him something like that!! Getting more details from some family members is like pulling teeth. I'm just glad that my sister lives in town and that she is able to go up to the hospital and spend time with my grandma. And she was there when my cousin was there so he is going to keep her updated as well. Just some family members I tell you!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, thank you for the well wishes for my grandma. I'm sorry if I have not replied to everyone's comments, I have read them thought.


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