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We Have right now....MS, heart, holidays Thankful

Dear Friends, I catch up and oh goodness, I wish even for a day id love all symptoms to go away etc.My heart and thanks go out this holiday(everyday).I'm moved and I am thankful but packing has stopped.Tues the 28th (my granddaughters B day) I go in for angio of the heart, a stent and found out my heart is enlarged since last year.Probably the blockage.But who knows.Will do an exray of lungs also for a clot.You are my family, I have non here.Husband really has his own issues so I do ask for prayers because I believe in it.I do feel good about it so that is one thing or am I just use to so many symptoms that that is the confidence.I just felt more fatigued than usual but didn't want the doc to sluff me off and say oh, just the MS.So it was worth pursuing.The stent will help take care of oxygen to enlarged heart(new over the year.).I am grateful to you all and share the holidays with you.I am just thankful to share it all ups and downs with you.Enjoy the moments, they go by swiftly but some are definitely keepers.I found a sale on Christmas lights and thru them all over the house.I think the house glows from inside out!A new UFO!Enjoy the Pilgrims and why we have traditions.Start a new one......with love and earnest....to my new family.

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Wow your plate is certainly full. prayers and blessings go out to you and your family.


Jakiesj you also have a great holiday I will pray for you I do that believe in it. The other day a veitnam vet had lost his dog that helps him I said a few prayers for him and his dog that they would find each other it took 8 Days but the dog was found in the woods. I looked at my husband and told him I had prayed he would be found. I do believe in the power of prayer. So hang in there I will pray for you and your husband if any one asks about your Christmas lights just tell them there fora Santa 🎅 so he knows where to land. You have healthy and happy holidays.


Sending you prayers that all these procedures go well and you are soon on the mend. 🤗💕🙏Lynn


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