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Have sec progressive MS

Hi my name is Shan. I have secondary progressive Ms for 2 years and RRMS for about 25 years. I can walk with a walker in my house. But use my wheelchair when I go anywhere. I worked for 40 years in healthcare. Been retired 4 years. To much brain fog, fatigue,numbness,etc. Same as most of you. Here lately I have been sad trying to help take care of my mom who has severe dementia and bless her heart She is a real challenge but I love her dearly. I have been on every treatment. I have always been a very positive person outgoing and happy but lately just feel bad. Would love to talk to someone. Thanks

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Hi Shan58. I just ran into this site and am starting to learn all about it. Sorry about your Mom. Mine passed 5 years ago from alzheimers so I understand what you are going through. Hang in there


Thanks I am new to this site too. So maybe we can figure it out together. Hope you have a great day


Dementia is such an evil disease. Although the name didn't exist many years ago, I can remember my grandmother not recognizing me. We were always so close and when she came to visit after I had my first child, she thought the baby was me and I was a stranger.

We are certain to face challenges here on earth. As a Christian, I know that the rewards Heaven has to offer will make it all worth while. Praying for you and your mom right now. God Bless!


Thank you 😊

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Shan, I am sorry about your mom. You have a lot going on--caring for your mom and yourself. Bless you for looking beyond your own needs and stepping in to help your mom. That said, it sounds as though you might need to do more for yourself to help with the 'down' feelings. You retired, but are you still friends or in contact with previous coworkers? Would meeting with them help? Maybe something to take your mind off your mom and your own predicament? Having MS and now secondary progressive, needing extra energy to just move around, then possibly spending what little you have left on your mom leaves you with little to nothing left.

Like you, I am now secondary progressive (just found out last month) after being RRMS for 25 years. I've had a few days this past month where I've broken down and cried--not solely over the change from R/R, but because I am SO tired and it takes SO much to do just what I need to each day. But I am also happy that I CAN do what I do. We are all different and MS affects us all so differently. I can honestly say I wouldn't want to switch places with anyone else.

I hope you are feeling better--more encouraged by the time you read this. I also pray that you aren't the only one caring for your mom--that you have or find some help.

I am new here too--today was my first time. I'm happy to 'meet' you. Sending you another hug!


Thanks sending you a hug and hope your day is good. Peace is a beautiful thing


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