A poem for us all

MS stands for Mighty Strange, Cause the symptoms have unending range;

Even though MRIs proved it, by my neuro was told, Couldn't be MS-you're too old,

Cannot argue with him; he'll say Goodbye! Then I must find another gay or guy;

First comes the shock: Not, not ME; Then comes research, no this cannot be!

The more research tho', the more confused, Til the whole subject becomes a muse.

Meanwhile, the more fatigued I grow, And depression to all time low.

One day I walk, the next I fall; One day my words are there, next not at all;

I love roller coasters, so I'm at home, On this ride of emotions I'm always on.

One day I'm up, one day I'm down; One day I love him, the next I only frown.

I spill my coffee, can't balance my bank; Can't cook or clean, so in the clutter I sank.

Then one day I become a rebel, Start working so no one can tell;

But my tears show my terrible pain; From pretending, there's nothing to gain.

Oh, but my friend said, just wait; It will soon be over cause you look great!

As I morph into someone not ME' My family wonders who I will be,

When my pain subsides and anger is gone, I say I'm sorry, but feel so alone.

Still they say, smile and keep your chin up, Fighters of MS monster never give up,

I am tired of fighting, a warrior no more, I'll just be the one who closes the door;

I'll try my best to not make you cry; Hope to make you laugh, or least to smile,

Forgot my cane, so I'll walk like a drunk, But my shrink said if I drink, I'm shrunk.

Forgot my phone, on way to doctor today, So which one I going to? I say.

Neurologist, psychologist, allergist, opthamologist,

Physical therapist, massage therapist, oncologist,

Or Just primary care? Want to play a card game,

With all my doctors cards? you probably carry the same,

I love a great mystery; Cause comedies are now history;

Mysteries make me laugh, they're so predictable

,But this MS mystery is very unpredictable.

My eyes are blurry, but "just the disease;"

My leg is having spasms, "just the disease.

Forgot my SS number, forgot my pen number,

No shopping today; it's been a long, hot summer.

Call my doctor, don't complain, just say I have new symptoms,

I try to explain; but he just makes me feel like a bum;

Neuro says, find a way to cope; it's just MS, Goodbye;

Oh, wait, it's time for a new MRI!

What do I do now, with all this pain, you ask?

Why, turn to God in prayer; 'tis my only task.

Only one things remains as through MS I trodm

I will always rejoice, and trust in my God!

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  • agapepilgrim wow, that certainly says it all, I am going to read it to my hubby when he wakes up. Did you write it agapepilgrim? In fact if you don't mind I am going to email to all of my children, big blessings and a hug, Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🤗

  • jimeka yes I wrote it, a little bit each day in the middle of the night. I used to write poetry all the time. I finally got outside myself and the old me came out to play. 😂

  • agapepilgrim well done. I said when I first met you on the forum that you should publish your work. Maybe do a book just related to ms, it would help some of us, I know it's helped me already, just by reading it out loud to my hubby. By the way, he said 'wellwritten' blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • jimeka i have wanted to write a book since my early 20’s. Started one a few times. With a few poems scattered throughout. But my depression always gets in the way and discouraged me. I have suffered from depression since a child. Only God has held me together. But maybe before my life is ended I will do that, God willing. I do our church bulletins, which are more like an small 8 page inspirational booklet. Used to do every other week, then once a month. Now haven’t written one since May. My church understands but hasn’t passed the job to anyone else After writing the poem, I realized I was capable of writing a church booklet. But, depression sets on and I am not motivated to do anything. But talk to you guys😜

  • agrapepilgrim

    I have to let you know I have a children’s book written I have know ideas how to publish it. I need to figure that out.

    You should do it too I have Faith in you that you can do it I am sure that you have a great stories to tell

  • ssdw1958 there are sites on the internet that publish books. A friend’s grandson just did it, available on kindle already. My daughter wrote a devotion book but never had it published. I need to get it out and try to publish it!

  • agrapepilgrim I want to thank you for that informationabout publishing I will look 👀 into it.

  • agapepilgrim Be bold, be strong, because the Lord your God is with you.

  • jimeka 🙏😁❤️

  • agapepilgrim awesome! And so true!😄😩 Feel better soon!😊

    J 🌠🎃

  • Wow!

  • You said it all that’s what I think that’s what I do and now I know we all think like that I to praise God but I to asking why why!

  • ssdw1958 one of my favorite songs”we’ll understand it better by and by”, God give us all strength to keep going and peace to endure and faith to cling to Him

  • agrapepilgrim

    I do believe in the Lord it is good to know that he is always there even when you have a question he will always be there. Thanks

  • Amen! Great poem

  • Brindisi1 thanks! Born of experience like us all

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