Biotin supplement interference with common lab tests


I knew about TSH (thyroid) but wasn't aware of false low proBNP (marker used to diagnose heart failure). Biotin interferes with the lab tests because of the method of testing. It does not affect the disease unless a doc erroneously mistreats based on the false lab just be sure to tell them you if you take biotin.

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  • Thanks for another good post, erash. I don't take high amounts of biotin, but I'll definitely stop taking it a week prior to my next blood work. Good info. 💕

  • erash is there any real proof that biotin actually helps ms? Blessings 🦋 🌈

  • jimeka undergoing phase 3 studies that look promising and my neuro mentioned she has some on biotin for hair loss associated wit Aubagio

  • erash thank you 🤗

  • erash Thanks for posting this, I recently saw my neuro & he is telling me I need to be off the Biotin for a month before blood work. I am getting the blood test in prep for Ocrevus so hopefully for a good cause.

    When I began high dose Biotin, it took a few weeks but I did see a definite benefit. Then after a couple of months the benefit seemed to wear off somewhat. At the same time I had a bit of a downturn in my symptoms so this is all pretty subjective.

  • BillD999

    Hope all goes well with the Ocrevus. Keep us up to date. 👍

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