MS: Where is my toothbrush?

MS: Where is my toothbrush?

Lessons from moving... your body. Prepare ahead of time if you can.Cushions, compression wear good shoes icepack heating pad food water wow... lessons learned with each adventure.Found a care center around the corner to volunteer ..i always get more out of it than they do.its win win situation! They certainly have changed since the 80's and I feel very blessed to have one so close.Looking forward to each individual.Lots to give lots to learn TY ALL.HAPPY WEEK END!

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  • jackiesj is this care home around the corner from your new home 🏡. Hope and pray it's a successful move, don't forget to rest.blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • You have yourself a great weekend, too!

  • jackiesj

    Agree about the rewards of volunteering 👍

  • Good advice, jackiesj. Take care and get some rest this weekend. 💕

  • Looking good Jackiesj! Have a good weekend in your new home. 😀🏡

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