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Experiment w/ diet & exercise over Holidays

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This was not planned, just happened. And looking back I've learned something about managing my MS. Just sharing.

I traveled overseas for the holidays all happy from recent MRI showing no new or active MS lesions and full of energy to maintain daily exercise routine and diet while traveling.

Well, I failed on day 1. Then day 2... all the way to day 10. Breached the diet not too drastically but had desserts, meat, dairy (and enjoyed it). I did not feel like negotiating or fighting while everybody seemed so happy around the table. Exercise: I did none, nada, nothing.

Within 3 days, my physical MS symptoms showed up: mild tingling in the left foot, electricity in the knee, itching. What I worked on for months was gone.

Now I'm back home and within 4 days of old regimen: strict diet and daily exercise, symptoms are all gone again.

My learnings:

- DMD is just not enough to tackle MS but it seems essential in stopping further damage. It worked well for me with no new/active lesions in MRI within 6 months

- the damage that's done is done and there is no treatment to repair it to date. You have to make your own body work at it. There's no magic recipe either but it seems that exercise, diet, lifestyle, all seem to contribute and help.

So far I've been on the lucky side of MS with early DX and treatment that's effective and that I tolerate. Despite 20+ lesions in my brain (a moderate to severe load according to neuro), MS progression was stopped before the brain damage triggered major symptoms. I feel incredibly lucky and hope that MS newbies will be able to benefit as well from the latest treatments and advice from this community to manage symptoms.

13 Replies

nice information, thanks for the post

anaishunter : A welcome. I don’t really want to “welcome” to this group, though!

My humble request to you is asking you to stick to scientific breakthroughs. Only.

Unlearn and relearn, things.

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You’re right when you travel things related to health go out the window. The time that you set aside to workout doesn’t happen because you’re constantly on the go You’re up early and back in later. You’re eating everything that you know you’re not supposed to be eating.

Travel is just one of those life adventures that will make you deviate from your original plan no matter how you plan it

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I can relate to this very well.If my blood sugars are out of whack, the MS gets that way as well.I'm glad you're doing better.

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Glad you're feeling better. Travel can throw everything out whack.

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I think you hit the nail on the head!

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I find that eating right and in moderation, exercise, and a good attitude goes far in taming ‘ms’. :-D

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erash in reply to carolek572

Glad u added the “attitude”

Very important 👍

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Soo, vwry glad ur feeling better, & Supremo, tht's Kn0t very nice!😛😢

Take Care Of U!💚❤💙💗Ahunter!--Jazzy🌹💜

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So glad getting back on track helped your symptoms

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I hope you had a wonderful trip. You’re back on track and I wish you all the best for keeping your MS symptoms under control!

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anaishunter in reply to Kitsey

I had a wonderful trip. First time in 9 months that I kind of forgot that I had MS. I did not think it would be feasible to not have it as an obsession. This was the most positive experience for me. Now I feel I can move on in life with not always having MS occupy all my thoughts.

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Congratulations! That’s such great news. I’m looking forward to getting stronger and being able to travel. I have a dream/plan to go to Ireland and the British Isles and travel around for a couple of months. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen although I have faith that it will 😉

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