Major disappointment

So my appointment with the MS specialist didn't go as planned. Called along the way to let them k ow I would be a few minutes late, traffic was heavy. Got there and was told they won't see ME because I was late. Then when I voiced my disappointment they called the police and told them I was suicidal. WTF...I guess I try to find a different practice

Not at all what I needed.

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  • Get a hold of a MS Clinic if you can kvw_zkw .


    1800 532-7667 ext 154

    J 🌠

    I was a half hr late once because of MRI. My daughter told them to take the next da** patient, then take me.😆 it worked.

    J 🌠

  • There was no one in the lobby waiting. They want me to come another day. Do they not realize the anxiety that I am in.

  • @kvw_zkw

    Wow I can't believe that happened to you.

    My appt that was Sept 6, I was 20min later and the gate keeper tried to keep me from seeing the dr. I told her I came too far and it wasn't my fault traffic was crazy.

    The nurse came out an told me if I waited and the next appt didn't show she would see me. I waited.

    Sometimes the gatekeepers need to think.

  • The office manager came and got me, said how can she help me, I explained the situation, I had waited to long for this appointment and had been blown off by too many other DOCS, that I wanted to be seen. She left the room and never came back, so I left. My son called me and said two cops were at the door and that I had been suicidal at my appointment. Can't figure it out

  • @kvw_zkw

    I am sorry to hear that.

  • Holy smokes. Are you ok?! I would be ballistic. I'm serious. I need a drink and a Xanax just listening to that.

    Something has changed in the health care industry in the last ten years. I have been thinking about this a lot. I tried to really analyze things to determine if it was just me getting frustrated so much easier because everything is so much harder.

    Sure, sometimes, but not the majority of the time. This is my own personal feeling.

    Baby boomers have overwhelmed the health care system because of their sheer numbers. We have worked our whole life for retirement benefits that we paid into. I have heard some of the younger generations calling us resource suckers. I'm a last year BB.

    Medicare/Medicaid pay doctors CONSIDERABLY less than regular insurance. Then throw in the millions of Obamacare patients too and it is significantly more work for significantly less money.

    My GP group is a team of extremely empathetic and caring doctors, nurses and staff. They are no longer accepting Medicare/Aid patients. I have heard that is a trend and the so called concierge service is becoming very popular. Concierge care is where you pay your doctor a flat fee every year over and above what Medicaid pays. This was proposed to my father ten years ago by his primary care and he didn't take it very well.

    How very frustrating for everybody involved. I wish that health care could be purchased across stat lines. I think that would be a very good start,

  • I myself worked in a neurosurgery practice for 8 years, I would never have thought of turning a patient away, under any circumstance. Especially one who had called and advised me that they were stuck in traffic. Neuro is a different type of practice and the patients need special care.

    Business in a whole has changed. I get real tired of going into a business and hearing we can't do that, it's know wonder the whole world is depressed theres no positivity in the world.

  • I'm with you, is this how they treat someone they really thought had issues..the police?Id be madder than a hornet stuck in a corner.....!

  • My 'new' neurologistss, I've moved, so three in ten years are the 'new type'. They are younger and just don't care like the Old School type. I would have caused a fit over them calling the police about a suicide. It would not have helped but I would of because that police report will never go away even if they closed it out. Have a much better day. Hugs.

  • Hello kvw_zkw,

    I'm sorry to hear about this experience you have had at your appointment, and especially sorry to hear about how it ended. As Jesmcd2 suggested, I would encourage you to reach out to one of our Client Services Specialists at either (800) 532-7667, ext. 154 or They will be able to assist you in finding other resources in your area to hopefully get you the care and answers you are looking for.

    Best of luck,

    Emily, from MSAA

  • Stop it! You can't make this up...that's insane.

  • I would take that as a sign to SWITCH DOCTORS!

  • I agree wholeheartedly with suzy20. SWITCH DOCTORS!!

  • Unfortunately, where I live she is the only MS specialist

  • My ever faithful PVP has taken care of e everything, I hope

    Find out tomorrow

  • So sad and totally ridiculous you were treated this way!!

  • That is horrible!! I hope you find an awesome doctor elsewhere!

  • So sorry that happened to you! I would make a formal complaint and start at the top! That office needs to understand the stress involved with MS and how the person(s) who handled the situation was totally inappropriate calling police. That just adds more stress. They should have a more caring place. At the least they could have offered another appointment. There are also places on the internet to rate the doctors and their place of business as well.

  • Oh my! I am so sorry you had to go through all the unnecessary events!

    I have been late and called but I made sure I got the name of the person I talked to, they were up front with me. If I was more than 15 min late I would need to reschedule.

    If you like your Dr and have good communication with them I would try speaking to there nurse to get a message to the Dr to let them know what was going on. They may not be aware.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • kvw_zkw so sorry that happened to you. Why would they think you were suicidal just because you were upset and rightly so? Some people are so over the top. That is the nicest thing I can say. They just don't realize how hard it is for us to get to our appointments. I went to get my Echocardigram and blood work done Monday and now they call me and say I should have also gotten an Ekg while I was there and I could just drop by and get it done anytime. I have to arrange for someone to go with me to get me in and push my wheelchair and drive 30 min,which may not seem far but for me it is a struggle. Why didn't they know and schedule me at the same time. They should have had the orders down there. My husband was livid. He wanted to call and give them what for. They were closed thank goodness. I wouldn't want him to go off someone who's not to blame. I found out that cardiology dropped the ball, the order was there and they missed it. Now I have to arrange to make another trip up there. Uuugh! I feel your pain.

  • Good night! When you think of how long WE wait in their waiting rooms for THEM! I wonder if the doctor know his staff is doing this? It's hard to tell where this kind of behavior comes from. I would investigate for the office manager to complain about how you were treated!

    As to the "suicide" thing, I would say you were more ready to kill Them, not yourself!

    New doctor, for sure. Or perhaps he goes to two locations. My neuro has a north and a south office. Perhaps a change of office staff would be the trick!

    Gee whiz. As if we need more stress in our lives...

  • Gee, kvw_zkw, I don't know what to say. I am so sorry. 💕

  • As had as yesterday was, I wake up thank God I'm alive and move on.

  • kvw...arrrrrrr many a time ive waited on them to threaten a longer visit more $ how about we charge them and they let us slide occasionally because of traffic.sheesh...They get paid enough to wait a minute...I'm sorry you took all that energy and couldn't get in.naptime!

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