Hot car tips?

I recognized today that I am having lots of pseudoexacerbations lately - all when I'm driving. Because MS is a comedian, it chose me - the girl who lives in Houston, who drives a black car, with a standard transmission. I can't really afford to trade in my car and jump into a payment right now, so i'm looking for any ideas to keep the heat from being so terrible when starting a hot car and running errands in and out of the heat - going to PT, Dr, etc. We are already getting days in the upper 70s (and much hotter inside the car) and by March, it will be daily. What do you do to keep it level?


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  • If MS is a comedian it is a very nasty sarcastic one. :) I believe there are cooling vests you could get. There are cooling wine bottle jackets you can take out of the freezer and slide onto your arms. That's what come to mind off the top of my heads right now anyway.

  • I knew of the vests, but hadn't thought of the wine bottle jackets. Great idea!

  • MS the Don Rickles of diseases?

  • The cooling vests idea is great for your personal cooling but your car issues is totally different. I don't know what you can do for this other than keeping windows cracked when parked, using window sun blockers, or getting your windows tinted. Getting windows tinted will keep car cooler apx 5-10%. Good luck on whatever you come up with.

  • Good luck! Air conditioning in a car is required or I don't go! I do have a cooling vest for hot days.

  • Take a thing of ice water in the car with u? Or one of the available cooling towels or bandanas that are sold?

  • Hi latellama ac would have to be a must! Whew! I do know that you can get the cooling vests from Polar. I also wear a cooling bandana at all times in the summer. I have the pattern my friend gave me somewhere. She made mine!💕 If you want it,let me know☺

    You can also see if can help with the vests.

    There number is (800) 534-7667 ext. 154

    You can also get ahold of

    At 800-344-4867

    Good luck ☺ and pease let me know how it goes!


  • Try getting your windows tinted putting one of those cardboard things in the front of your windshield and maybe even getting remote start to start your car before you get in it with the AC on just some ideas

  • latellama Virginia summers are hot and humid. My farm truck was an old Ford, standard transmission, no AC. I bought little spray bottles at the Dollar Store (they were in the beauty section), filled them with water, and used them to spray my face and arms when I began to get too hot; the open car window would evaporate the water quickly and provide cooling. I also kept a case of bottled water behind the seat (in my car as well) so that if I were stranded, I had water with me to stay hydrated. MS makes us creative problem solvers!

  • ... and keep filled water squirters in the fridge... so much cooler! I garden so I add lemon juice to mine to keep the bugz away...

  • latellama as mayestas suggested, a remote starter to cool the car before getting in sounds like it would work the best

  • Thanks for all the ideas! I'll definitely be trying them out next week before a slightly cooler front passes through. Because I drive a standard, a remote starter can be dangerous, so it's been nixed. :(

  • This might seem trivial, but consider wearing a hat when you go out in the sun, it worked for me but it is hot here 60 mo out of a year. I have used those neck scarves (ice vests were heavy for me since I have MS HUG) that are frozen/refrigerated, not bad but got a little drippy from condensation. Since I am from southernmost AZ-quick cooling off is an art form here: drink lots of water, use ice on your neck, wrists, and feet bottoms, wear cotton, and protect then scalp.

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