Compression socks

Compression socks

jackiesj in regards to compression socks, too painful to walk if I don't wear them! Tried every brand since 2004, my doc back then told me to wear them. NOW the best brand I have found is Sockwell and they come in delightful fun prints which I wear with my rocker sandals. I get Med/large (weight 125). They instruct you to buy according to ankle and calf sizes. I get avg strength 18-20, but in other brands I need 20-30 strength. When I get hot, I wear my cooling ankle wraps. Also, 2nd choice is Danish Endurance, also solid cute colors (even red!) various prices on Internet range from $20-50. Course I buy from the site for $20!! They are so much cooler than the ones I bought 20 yrs ago. Because EU sizing, I get medium/large. Wear every day!!! Hope you find some you like. Doctors always prescribe the solid hot ones cause they don't know the heat flares up MS symptoms. I am 70, and DMTs no longer stop or help my brain damage, so I am just trying to ease symptoms. Tried diet, other alternatives. Now gonna try essential oil protocols! I want to just ease my symptoms since DMT none help. Stay connected. !

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  • agapepilgrim love the reading and thanks for the info on compression socks. Hugs 🤗 blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • Just had to share because it nailed my brain "a jumbled up mess" (of crazy wiring!)

  • agapepilgrim do you find them to be too hot in the summer?

  • erash not the sickwell brand unless I get a heat attack and I am home I will take them off and put my ankle wraps on. Usually though at home and heat attack just putting the icy packs around ankles for 30 min and then good to go again. Just had to give up wearing my Capri pants! Bought light weight summer pants, cotton ur linen, at the thrift store and works fine. You know the motto n here - we will find a way to keep going! It's my ankles that throb badly if I don't wear them. Winter time I have some from sockwell or the other brand that has merino wool in them so I can still wear my MBT sandals that helpbso much with balance ad heel pain. If you order the socks through Amazon you have s money back guarantee. Had to do that with one brand cause they turned out to be hosiery type material and nott socks material. At church they were okay, but already had plenty of those! And I received full refund. Hope you find what works for you. I really like the Sockwell and the compression takes all the pain way, yet have plenty of wiggle my toes room in the tow area. Some of my older ones (JJobst brand) hurt my toes. Usually dot text this early, but am going to make a general HELP post for nausea solutions. Know of any?

  • agapepilgrim, I appreciated your post about the compression socks. I used to be nurse and on my feet all day. I often had periods of deep muscle pain in my legs, which I attributed to developing varicose veins. ( My mother had terrible varicosities.) Now I strongly suspect my leg pain was MS, especially after having tests that showed nothing wrong with my leg circulation. However, I found the compression hose or socks helped with the pain. erash, I took a brief break from them since I figured they wouldn't really help any more, but I'm back to wearing full time. I've never worn shorts, so I'm used to wearing socks in the heat.

    Thanks for posting about the best brands!

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