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Hello I'm Jennifer,

I been diagnose with MS in 2011, it was very rough at very beginning. Getting right treatment here I am doing well. I totally believe stress what brought my MS on! I was in a bad abusive marriage. I left my husband 4 years ago best thing I ever did, I'm doing very well! Here I just left VA moved NY, life change. Well lately I notice tingling in my lower right leg. I have told my MS dr, she's ordering update MRI.

Any suggestions, help here

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  • Jenwi hi Jennifer our daughters name is Jennifer and last name willis so her shortened name would be like yours! At 43, single mother of 2 sons, she went through extremely abusing marriages, first one was to her, second one was to the boys. She suffers terribly with Crohn's disease since 18, so she is my inspiration for what I am going through with MS. Everyday brings different symptoms, but I read on here other MSers having same symptoms so I don't bother telling my doctor. His attitude is, what do you expect? You have MS! Tingling, pins and needles sticking you, tremors in any of limbs, cognitand memory failure, losing balance- just a few of the symptoms. Most important--- take one of the zMS drugs to slow or diminish or stop progryofvlesions. May God be with you.

  • Hi Jenwi,

    I was diagnosed in March 2017.

    I am new to treatment, Copaxone injections 3x/wk. I take Gabapentin and as of today's appointment with the neurologist, will begin taking Lyrica as well.

    I suffer from constant numbness/tingling in my feet, often into my legs. The neurologist explained to me today that in my case, these symptoms are associated to my MS and is hopeful that finding the right medication for nerve pain will help.

    Do you take anything now for any of your symptoms?


  • Hi daring greatly. I was diagnosed in April of 2017. I had the tingling and numbness. In my feet. Dr prescribed gabapentin 600 mg mornings and 900 mg at night. It took a couple of months but it took care of my numbness and tingling entirely. I had an MRI in June and had 4 new lesions. Had a bad time this month due to stress of moving and over doing it all so I have to have another MRI August 1st see if I have any new lesions. So I feel your pain, this will be the 6th MRI since march 30th. Good luck and God bless.


  • Jenwi, welcome to a great place, though I wish none of us had any need of it. I hope you find some suggestions and answers to your questions. It sounds like the MRI may be a good idea to check for any changes.

  • Jenwi

    Welcome! Where in NY?

    Stress is def. the enemy😬

    Glad you are joining us (sorry it's because of MS of course)

  • Rochester, NY

  • Welcome! My last relapse started with the same symptoms you are describing. I am so glad to here you are starting over, moved to New York and are doing well!! Everyone in this group has been extremely helpful and helped me through when I needed it the most. :)

  • Hi Jennifer. Welcome. Happy to hear you made a healthy relationship decision. Certainly don't need that added stress!

  • Hi Jennifer, we all are so happy to see you here. I find it difficult to keep up with all of the internet crap there is.

  • Hi Jenwi

    Good to meet you, very sorry for the reason, but am glad you made the best move you could! Years ago I did the same and I'm happy to know we are in the same area. Now I know why I moved back with mom and dad. Other then there are better MS doctors here, so are you!


  • Love to meet u,

    Well right now I'm struggling being here in NY. I left NY in 2002, so... I love VA but had no family but my kids... I'm just here temporality need develop friends., keep me busy.

    Here my number 1-585-737-8116 text as I'm hearing impaired.

  • Thank you for being here Jenwi you'll find everyone here in the chatroom to be very nice, encouraging and very helpful!

    Even though I grew up in the area and only just moved back 2 years ago I've found all of my friends have moved away (to other states). It would be great to know someone in the area again.



  • Jenwi Hi Jennifer, WELCOME to this fantastic forum. I am fairly new here too, but can assure you you'll get wonderful support here. :)

    Like the others, I agree with you about the stress. :( At least you can see the connection now and have taken steps to reduce it! Yay!

    Perhaps the MRI will give a clue as to the source of the tingling and you will be treated accordingly. No doubt you are familiar with solumedrol (IV steroids) and treating relapses, etc. I hope that isn't necessary, but it seems you have a good doc if she has ordered a repeat MRI.

    Please update us when you can. :)

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