New Here❣

New Here❣

Hey everyone❣ I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2001. I'm 41 and live in the Boston area. I'm married to a wonderful man, that actually has MS also! That's how we met, on an online support group, just like this one😘 He has a more Progressive form (SPMS). He moved here from Pennsylvania in 2006 and we've been married since 2008. We each believe that even though having MS sucks, it was a blessing in disguise. If we didn't have MS, we wouldn't have each other❣❣

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  • MS was a major blessing in disguise because I would never have met my angel, Melissa!

  • Wow! your story is inspiring. I hope you have a supportive group in your corner.

  • I am grateful that you have found a soulmate that can share your life and also understands the intricacies of living with MS. Good stuff. Please, be sure you each are in tune with your Dr and taking the medication s/he feels is best for each of you. New meds to be approved this winter for progressive forms of MS. Make a pact and serve as the advocate for the other.

  • Great story! Best wishes to the two of you.

  • Wow! That's a awesome way of looking at it. I'm happy to see someone find not only a supportive partner, but one that actually understands what you are dealing with. Many blessings to the both of you

  • Thank you everyone❣❣

  • I'm so jealous that you have someone who understands everything you are going through. My husband tries to understand but instead makes me feel like shit. He questions everything i do and doesn't help where i need it the most. I'm happy for you both! I'm venting on your happy post and I'm sorry for being a downer.

  • OMG you are not a downer❣❣ You were venting. All I do is vent. ALLLL DAMNNNN DAYYYY & NIGHTTTT 👀 LOL👀 Dave & I definitely have our moments. Daily. That's fucked up though. I'm so sorry. Did you ever try to have a serious talk with your husband?

  • I've tried, he just gets mad at me and drinks more. We had a huge argument last night about me driving my daughter to school. Apparently I'm not allowed to go to the store with my 4 yr old, I fell at the pharmacy Tuesday and now he doesn't trust me to take care of my girls

  • AlAnon.

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