dmaskal1 is new here

dmaskal1 is new here

Hello, I'm new here. I'm Dave Maskalick who with his PhD led R&D efforts at a pharmaceutical company beginning in 1984. I was diagnosed with MS in 1986. For the next fourteen years I was able to continue to lead development efforts and obtain a promotion until my decreased memory and my inability to quickly analyze and solve problems became so apparent to upper management that I had to report any condition, and, was politely asked to take long term disability.

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  • Welcome Dave. It looked like you had a high stress job and it took a toll on your body, but we're here for you if you need to talk.

  • Thank you Royjr. High stress, but, a lot of fun too. I'm glad to be here for discussion. :)

  • I experienced a very similar situation in my career. Thankfully the corporate powers that be were very good to me. But it was frustrating to lose my edge and not be able to carry out my duties. I hope you adjusted better than I did to not working. I wish you well. Where did you get your doctorate from? One of my sons is getting his in nuclear physics now.

  • Thank you Amore55. I've been adjusting with the support of my wonderful wife, Kathy. She has he MBA so with her encouragement I tried to start a technology transfer business, bur it didn't go anywhere. I have been helping by volunteering with my wife in a symphony fan club here in town. She and I also volunteer for my undergraduate alumni association club here in town. I received my doctorate in biophysical chemistry from the Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Best wishes to your son's success in nuclear physics! dmaskal1

  • Hi, Dave, and welcome! It sounds like you are a veteran MSer. I'm sorry you had to give up the work you loved. I did too, back in 1992. My career-ending symptoms were physical. Cognitive problems weren't as obvious until later. Or maybe I just wasn't smart enough to recognize the deficits until later. 😉 MS often robs us of the things we love and truly enjoy. I'm happy to hear you enjoy volunteering with your loving wife, Kathy. My husband is supportive too. He may not always understand everything I am going through, but he loves me regardless of how I look or what I can or cannot accomplish. On those days when I tend to focus on what I have lost, I try to refocus on how thankful I am.'s one of those days and I got a little carried away. 😉 I'll end this with a warm welcome before I take a much-needed afternoon nap. Come back often!

  • Thanks Tutu, I sometimes get carried away too and realize I need a nap. :)

  • Hello dmaskel1, it's Fancy1959 welcoming you to this wonderful chat. It is expanding at a rapid rate and is more of a large extended family then the chat room. You are safe here, can ask questions or give advice do any poll posted. It is a great place to spend time, get to know people, and find and hear amazing stories and antidotes about MS. I always stress to all our newcomers to the site that together we are stronger. I invite you to become one of our newest MS Warriors. MS Warrior never give up and we never give in. We simply fight dreaded common enemy called MS. Fight on MS Warrior, fight on! Keep in touch and I hope to talk to you soon Dave!

  • Thank you Fancy 1959. I've been fighting since 1986 so don't intend to stop now. :)

  • Amen. Giving up isn't an option that any of us want to do when it comes MS. I look forward to talking to you soon and if you have any questions or if you want to give advice jump right on it to our post and replies. I'm glad you came on board. Keep in touch.

  • Hi Dave, hello and welcome. This is a great place to get to know people who are in a similar situation, unfortunately ms has robbed a lot of us of many things we enjoyed, but we have to look forward and with the help of our families, friends and this site, we can still be 'normal', with the laughs I have had here, at times when I have definitely needed it, if I was you I would fasten my seat belt. Nice to meet you, Jimeka

  • Thank you jimeka. I love laughing. Natures best medicine for sure! :)

  • Hi Dave, welcome to the group. The cognitive issues finally and recently caused me to give up a long career in healthcare. While I can have off days with my physical symptoms, I couldn't afford to have off brain days and risk making an error with patients. I'm in transition and in the process of a little self re-invention. 😳😊🙁

  • Thank you trash. I've been self re-inventing myself ever since 1986, so I certainly understand you situation at least a little bit. :)

  • Hi dmaskal1 welcome to the roller coaster ride of MS. Although sounds like you have been on it for awhile. And beat the odds for a long time :) l was dx'd in Mar '15 so lm new to this game. And seriously l want off. :D

    So happy to hear you have a wonderful support system at home, it's so important as lm finding out. As you see from posts, we talk about pretty much anything and everything here. But most of all give each other support. :)

    Welcome again.

  • Thank you jesmcd2. Yes it sure has been a scary ride at times fro me as well as for my wife, She had to call 911 when I woke her up one night calling for her but didn't see her right next to me. Then I'm told I tried to assault the people trying to strap me into the stretcher to put me into the ambulance to take me to the hospital. I was experiencing a grand mal seizure. My neurologist prescribed Tysabri once a day for me to prevent another seizure. Then after I had another siezure I was told to take two Tysabri each day. I haven't had a seizure since then and make darn sure I take my Tysabri twice daily. But, in between the two seizures and since the last one we have been enjoying life and that's what matters. Enjoy life the best you can with your friends and with those you love! :)

  • Wow! That is alot, at least they have you on the right treatment now. Now as far assaulting paramedics, well they were trying to strap you in. :)

    Life is precious.. each and every day

  • Thank you. Best wishes! :)

  • Welcome! I'd be hard pressed to find anything to add to the responses already posted, but I'm delighted you found us.


  • Thank Erin. I'm glad I found this place for discussion. :)

  • Welcome Dave. Been there done that, except I worked for the legiature as an analyst and then director of finance for a Lottery. We all understand here how hard it is to make the transition from work to MS disabled. Hang in there.

  • Thank you Karen-x. I'm continuing to hang in and enjoy life with my friends and the people I love. :)

  • Ahhh... Another old MSer... My MS also dates back to '86. Certainly a club to which I've rather not be included! But, I still push myself each day and am still on my feet even though I no longer own my business or work. Retired in my 40s and just enjoying life!

  • Thanks ddeadred. I'd rather not be in this club either. But, I too am enjoying life with my friends and my family. :)

  • Welcome! I was diagnosed in 1980 and still alive and kicking. Maybe not exactly kicking but getting along OK in a limited way and glad that some of the worst MS episodes are in the past.

  • Thank you agate. I'm glad to hear you're still getting along OK considering. I bet we will both keep trucking along the best we can. Bets wishes! Dave

  • Hi Dave,

    I'm sorry you had to leave on disability. Was there no way for them to modify your job description? I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, and have dealt with some cognitive issues as well. If I'm not super organized, I forget to do things and get confused.

  • Hi jbix,

    I was a research scientist leading and managing the work of chemists and technicians in my research group. I had dealt with the loss of memory and brain fog for about 13 years before upper management noticed. Since leaving on extended disability I've tried to start a consulting business and I'm now trying to write a book.

  • Good luck on your book! Sounds very interesting. What's that about?

  • My book is about a paradigm shift for commerce from economics to nursurlifres, where nursurlifres is NURturing the SURvival of LIFe and natural RESources.

  • Sorry to hear that MS affected your job.

  • Hello Dave! I know how hard it is to deal with the decreased memory and problems handling situations that would ordinarily have been dealt with efficiently and promptly. I apparently have had MS (undiagnosed) for many years...I have been dealing with the decline in my memory and abilities for a long while. I was in an accident, with a head injury that all the Doctors were amazed I survived. I was told that the intercranial pressure that I had kills 97% of people when it gets that high! All of my cognative problems were being blamed on my head injury in 1989! I finally got a diagnosis of MS Dec. 31, 2015, and was told that I had apparently had it for a long time!

    Anyway, welcome aboard.

  • Thanks Hethera1. I can only imagine how tough it must have been for you to finally get a correct diagnosis about 26 years after your head injury. I was fortunate since my GP evaluated my symptoms and immediately asked me to see a neurologist. I asked why and was told they suspected I either had MS or a brain tumor. Yippy :) I see this is a good place to share symptoms and ways of dealing with them. I live in Wexford, PA which is just north of Pittsburgh. Where do you live?

  • Sounds like you had/have a GP that's on the ball! Urug...mine was not ! I am in Newbury Ohio, which means the best place for me to go is the Melen Center in Cleveland for treatment or consultations. Yay. I hate to go into Cleveland. I can imagine what must have gone thru your mind when the Dr. said "MS or Brain tumor". My first visit with Neuro he said "I think you have MS" & he sent me to the Melen center for consultation. I came home with lots of MS info and a suggestion to use Copaxone injections. The other choices I researched seemed to have side effects that I do not want! Yay. Now I have herniated a disc and need to get that addressed....can hardly walk! Maybe it will be easier once I have that done, but right now I am barely able to walk. I am hoping the herniation is causing the mobility issues-that it's not the MS!

  • I Have been diagnosed since 1984. On ssda and making jams and jellies and I also crochet. Fatigue keeps me from the job I love...driving for a delivery co. I can do my hobbies at my pace. Hope you are on a good medication for your ms. Merry Christmas!

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