I'm new here

Hi, My name is DJ.

I'm new to the community. I am a caretaker of a family member with progressive MS. I have been a caretaker for over 9 years now and I have seen many of the challenges that some of you have faced or will face in the future. I am here to connect with people who have MS and those who are caregivers to people with MS.

Ms has affected 3 generations of my family - my grandmother, mother and my sister as well as a cousin. It has impacted my life greatly.

Just wanted to say hi and connect with the community.


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  • Hello DJ. Glad to meet you.

  • Ddjohnso, you're my hero for being a caretaker! What would we do without the help and support of family and friends?

    This site has been a wonderful source of information and encouragement for me. I think you will find some truly lovely people here!

  • Thank you for your kind words!

  • Hi Ddjohnso, glad you found us!

  • Ddjohnso, Welcome! As caretaker for 9 years you will be able to offer insight to those whose partners are struggling with the DX. You are a real trooper! MS affects an entire family not just the patient.

  • Thank you!

  • Welcome, Ddjohnso, and thank you for loving and caring for someone with MS. As others have already said, we are honored to have you here. Please feel free to post questions or to even connect with other caregivers here. This forum is here to provide assistance and encouragement, whether we have MS or care for someone who does. We look forward to getting to know you better. 💕

  • Thank you!

  • Hello Ddjohnso , I'm still pretty new here myself. This community of folks are quite awesome and very much a help in getting through the day. Hope to hear from you often on here.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome!

  • How are you today and how is the care taking going?I hope you have a plan for an hour aday with just you.Very important.Have a great week!

  • Welcome D.J.

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